Number of genes: 200 change

Positivity: Positive change

Brain Region: Nucleus of the lateral olfactory tract change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0200 change

Lambda (actual): 5.6947

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select P2ry14 0.0003124535
Select Cyp26b1 0.000278994
Select Synpr 0.0002435029
Select Baiap3 1.386041e-05
Select 2310015N21Rik 1.60359e-07
Select Ebf4 1.264231e-07
Select Gm967 8.655547e-08
Select Zim1 8.026758e-08
Select B830045N13Rik 3.958563e-08
Select Pcdh11x 3.657585e-08
Select Sgcd 3.330175e-08
Select Syt9 3.120455e-08
Select Chx10 2.849578e-08
Select LOC381076 2.799154e-08
Select Sema3a 2.76029e-08
Select Slc16a14 2.741156e-08
Select Lum 2.637957e-08
Select St6gal1 2.30684e-08
Select Allc 2.224077e-08
Select Glipr1 2.015986e-08
Select Gng4 1.972995e-08
Select Fabp3 1.926933e-08
Select Glra3 1.893117e-08
Select Frrs1 1.851524e-08
Select Plekha7 1.806436e-08
Select Met 1.736168e-08
Select Dach1 1.719082e-08
Select Scn5a 1.60535e-08
Select 9330132E09Rik 1.442519e-08
Select Pnck 1.417181e-08
Select Isyna1 1.233506e-08
Select Fras1 1.101414e-08
Select A630094N22Rik* 1.073415e-08
Select Lrp1b 1.052667e-08
Select LOC433088 9.576361e-09
Select Kiss1r 9.458786e-09
Select Tmem65 9.444236e-09
Select Wdr31 9.375437e-09
Select Ccdc85a 8.702691e-09
Select Gpr56 8.284923e-09
Select Cmtm4 7.843945e-09
Select Adcy3 7.754771e-09
Select D130073L02Rik 7.734805e-09
Select Rbm19 7.460754e-09
Select Hip1 7.368427e-09
Select Htr2c 7.286105e-09
Select Fstl4 7.030819e-09
Select Cdo1 6.996779e-09
Select Brunol6 6.837061e-09
Select Matn2 6.808781e-09
Select Sostdc1 6.691964e-09
Select Kcnd3 6.572555e-09
Select Ankrd50 6.527834e-09
Select Esrra 6.425822e-09
Select Gpr171 6.407509e-09
Select Inpp4b 6.272249e-09
Select Hap1 6.22146e-09
Select Col11a1 6.166472e-09
Select Pde9a 5.192462e-09
Select Slc31a1 5.11471e-09
Select Slit2 5.03551e-09
Select Shh 4.874729e-09
Select Lypd1 4.63743e-09
Select Grin3a 4.52362e-09
Select B230120H23Rik 4.364659e-09
Select Alg5 4.322982e-09
Select Rab1 4.274463e-09
Select Flrt3 4.155149e-09
Select Rarg 4.075571e-09
Select Adcyap1 4.009241e-09
Select Agtrl1 4.004415e-09
Select Uqcrh 3.906438e-09
Select Pycrl 3.628556e-09
Select Grik1 3.60225e-09
Select Pim2 3.411136e-09
Select Slc5a3 3.359491e-09
Select 6330505F04Rik 3.332153e-09
Select Hpcal1 3.285447e-09
Select Usp21 3.280179e-09
Select Susd2 3.21328e-09
Select Pax9 3.195127e-09
Select Cdh10 3.150243e-09
Select A030009H04Rik 3.098844e-09
Select Fhl1 2.944853e-09
Select Sema6d 2.919352e-09
Select Gpc1 2.857112e-09
Select 6330581L23Rik 2.835524e-09
Select Efnb2 2.68825e-09
Select Scg2 2.680385e-09
Select Zcchc12 2.652352e-09
Select Zfp483 2.628505e-09
Select E2f4 2.571692e-09
Select Vldlr 2.485614e-09
Select Lmo3 2.433199e-09
Select Erbb4 2.430025e-09
Select AI852640 2.381859e-09
Select Nsdhl 2.352495e-09
Select Hdac7a 2.284901e-09
Select Syt3 2.265988e-09
Select Crtac1 2.247448e-09
Select BC057079 2.237733e-09
Select Npc2 2.233101e-09
Select Prmt2 2.227284e-09
Select Psme1 2.182441e-09
Select Dtx1 2.063111e-09
Select Leprel2 2.030909e-09
Select Oprl1 2.030001e-09
Select Zfp536 1.995852e-09
Select Efcbp2 1.981802e-09
Select 2700045P11Rik 1.953983e-09
Select AI427515 1.917407e-09
Select Pkia 1.891672e-09
Select LOC434280 1.863079e-09
Select Samsn1 1.795542e-09
Select Pxn 1.727159e-09
Select Cbln2 1.60889e-09
Select Nfxl1 1.571889e-09
Select Cpne7 1.550901e-09
Select Blcap 1.544949e-09
Select Vezt 1.510725e-09
Select Marcksl1 1.487192e-09
Select Rprm 1.464087e-09
Select Myo5b 1.400883e-09
Select Grip2 1.3823e-09
Select Slc2a13 1.379527e-09
Select Hspb7 1.356658e-09
Select Mest 1.332487e-09
Select Rnf149 1.330441e-09
Select BC027127 1.328775e-09
Select Cdh13 1.261551e-09
Select Mmp15 1.230805e-09
Select Pcsk1n 1.227388e-09
Select 1110033J19Rik 1.223806e-09
Select Clec11a 1.221881e-09
Select Rps21 1.165641e-09
Select Npal3 1.152496e-09
Select Tsc2 1.143287e-09
Select Tpte2 1.129721e-09
Select Tmem35 1.126972e-09
Select LOC433311 1.124679e-09
Select Nr2f1 1.116226e-09
Select 2900093B09Rik 1.079368e-09
Select Cnr1 1.023884e-09
Select Usp11 1.010717e-09
Select Mfap1 9.888057e-10
Select Gm1752 9.868435e-10
Select Sec61a2 9.774573e-10
Select Prkar2b 9.690562e-10
Select 1810030J14Rik 9.629695e-10
Select Cebpa 9.610759e-10
Select Col6a2 9.61054e-10
Select Cyln2 9.599823e-10
Select Socs5 9.599147e-10
Select Slc6a1 9.58833e-10
Select Tro 9.512252e-10
Select Gpr85 9.510412e-10
Select Pak3 9.449468e-10
Select Cry2 8.837382e-10
Select Snap91 8.743444e-10
Select Impact 8.649464e-10
Select Ogfod1 8.632906e-10
Select Ppm1g 8.600988e-10
Select Ankrd54 8.538004e-10
Select Slc24a3 8.501398e-10
Select Resp18 8.468892e-10
Select Podxl2 8.074106e-10
Select Pmaip1 8.060644e-10
Select Txndc13 7.576976e-10
Select Rasgrf1 7.425685e-10
Select Cdkn2c 7.414768e-10
Select Ncam2 7.322404e-10
Select Wbp5 7.307963e-10
Select Slc25a11 7.195072e-10
Select Agtr1a 7.023681e-10
Select 0610016J10Rik 6.741067e-10
Select Cpne6 6.608651e-10
Select Hectd2 6.568277e-10
Select Rnf122 6.336875e-10
Select Tmem130 6.238853e-10
Select Rab3c 6.209285e-10
Select Ndn 6.120124e-10
Select Nefl 6.107306e-10
Select Scrn1 6.099686e-10
Select Mllt11 6.098945e-10
Select B4galt6 6.05525e-10
Select Pkig 5.995635e-10
Select Hpcal4 5.976065e-10
Select Cck 5.866926e-10
Select Map2k4 5.82967e-10
Select Ngfrap1 5.803595e-10
Select Timp2 5.698371e-10
Select Rph3a 5.387946e-10
Select Pgrmc1 5.32439e-10
Select Gap43 4.971732e-10
Select Syn2 4.768138e-10
Select Got2 4.663818e-10
Select Lhx9 4.520909e-10
Select Dscr6 4.037574e-10
Select Ttc3 4.02461e-10
Select Prnp 4.023634e-10
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Synpr 0.05383976
Select Cyp26b1 0.03970494
Select P2ry14 0.02196816
Select Sgcd 0.01993282
Select Sema3a 0.01808411
Select Fras1 0.01513334
Select Allc 0.01491093
Select 2310015N21Rik 0.01424285
Select Lypd1 0.01411263
Select B830045N13Rik 0.0139465
Select Tmem65 0.01261657
Select Pnck 0.01246242
Select Ebf4 0.01141905
Select Nfxl1 0.01063156
Select St6gal1 0.01032501
Select Scg2 0.00940234
Select Hap1 0.00923801
Select B230120H23Rik 0.0091398
Select Cdo1 0.00912798
Select Grin3a 0.00908574
Select Frrs1 0.00899035
Select Gpr171 0.00823448
Select Cmtm4 0.00788772
Select Plekha7 0.00769037
Select Zim1 0.00766822
Select Col11a1 0.00746067
Select Pcdh11x 0.00716792
Select Ankrd50 0.00699828
Select Fabp3 0.00697925
Select Dach1 0.00689637
Select Adcyap1 0.00673216
Select Kiss1r 0.00666119
Select Sema6d 0.00662032
Select Slc31a1 0.00616177
Select Gpc1 0.00615866
Select Chx10 0.00615485
Select BC027127 0.0059939
Select Erbb4 0.00594301
Select Baiap3 0.00587871
Select Lum 0.00584254
Select Efnb2 0.00580326
Select Scn5a 0.0057392
Select Lmo3 0.00570284
Select Marcksl1 0.00562904
Select Pxn 0.005578
Select Rprm 0.00546896
Select Htr2c 0.0054192
Select 9330132E09Rik 0.00535326
Select Uqcrh 0.00526857
Select Pim2 0.00525108
Select Glra3 0.00511115
Select Slc16a14 0.0050192
Select Kcnd3 0.00481951
Select Gm967 0.00481417
Select Fhl1 0.00476116
Select 6330505F04Rik 0.00466388
Select Sostdc1 0.00455218
Select Lrrn6c 0.00451587
Select Shh 0.00447886
Select A630094N22Rik* 0.00441274
Select Crtac1 0.00437964
Select Fstl4 0.00437919
Select Cdh10 0.00437136
Select Slit2 0.004333
Select 2900093B09Rik 0.00429663
Select Isyna1 0.00428017
Select Cebpa 0.00424047
Select Aldh1a2 0.00422073
Select Npc2 0.00417659
Select Hpcal1 0.00416476
Select Grip2 0.00415779
Select D130073L02Rik 0.00412873
Select Wnt6 0.00412437
Select Wdr31 0.00410228
Select Agtrl1 0.00406189
Select Glipr1 0.00401954
Select Cbln2 0.00400985
Select Prmt2 0.00399217
Select AI852640 0.00399076
Select Pcsk1n 0.0039779
Select Syt9 0.00394113
Select Hip1 0.0039114
Select Adcy3 0.00383067
Select Nsdhl 0.00381483
Select LOC434280 0.00381184
Select Zfp536 0.00380003
Select Tpte2 0.00379074
Select Lrrc55 0.00378617
Select Ccdc85a 0.00373114
Select BC057079 0.0037287
Select Mest 0.00368985
Select Usp21 0.00367793
Select Rab1 0.00363915
Select Uaca 0.00353299
Select Matn2 0.00348814
Select Syt3 0.00345839
Select Grik1 0.00345635
Select Pde9a 0.00345427
Select Zcchc12 0.00345142
Select Slc24a3 0.00342814
Select Inpp4b 0.00342232
Select LOC381076 0.00342186
Select Hspb7 0.00335502
Select Timp2 0.00330335
Select Lrp1b 0.00328377
Select Mgp 0.00327218
Select Nr2f1 0.00324695
Select Resp18 0.00323282
Select Agtr1a 0.00322129
Select Rbm19 0.0032153
Select Mgat5b 0.00321042
Select Susd2 0.00320863
Select Htr1b 0.00320389
Select 2700045P11Rik 0.00317689
Select Prkar2b 0.00317176
Select Hdac7a 0.00316641
Select Met 0.00314233
Select Cpne7 0.00313057
Select Rarg 0.00312639
Select Samsn1 0.00311169
Select Rab3c 0.00310508
Select Extl3 0.00310226
Select Txndc13 0.00309974
Select Pkia 0.00309709
Select Josd3 0.00306814
Select Snap91 0.00304495
Select Mmp15 0.00302437
Select Brunol6 0.00297679
Select Glrx 0.00296284
Select Leprel2 0.00295613
Select Psme1 0.00294107
Select Dtx1 0.00292824
Select Pgrmc1 0.00291675
Select Cck 0.00290011
Select Tmem35 0.00287789
Select Cpne6 0.00287246
Select Vldlr 0.00286715
Select Flrt3 0.00286074
Select Slc5a3 0.00285081
Select Blcap 0.00285004
Select Slc2a13 0.00284868
Select Pycrl 0.00284271
Select Npal3 0.0028395
Select Tmem130 0.00283562
Select Pax9 0.00281973
Select Clec11a 0.00281798
Select Wwc1 0.00281602
Select LOC433088 0.00279987
Select 1110033J19Rik 0.00278803
Select Impact 0.00277525
Select Col6a2 0.00276121
Select Syn2 0.00274608
Select Usp11 0.0027424
Select Sh3d19 0.0027391
Select Hpcal4 0.00273863
Select Cnr1 0.0027342
Select Ngfrap1 0.00272997
Select Zfp483 0.00272914
Select Cdh13 0.00270823
Select Gm1752 0.00270571
Select AI427515 0.0027047
Select Rnf122 0.00270341
Select Ndn 0.00269422
Select Nefl 0.00268557
Select Podxl2 0.002664
Select Ankrd54 0.00266265
Select Ctnna2 0.002637
Select Mfap1 0.00263651
Select B4galt6 0.0026286
Select Kcne2 0.00260448
Select Alg5 0.00259609
Select Pmaip1 0.00259305
Select Tat 0.00257813
Select E2f4 0.00257655
Select Cdkn2c 0.0025729
Select Rph3a 0.00256836
Select Cry2 0.00254428
Select Gpt2 0.00253207
Select LOC433311 0.00252538
Select Pde4b 0.00252453
Select A030009H04Rik 0.00252404
Select Ppm1g 0.00251659
Select Socs5 0.00251624
Select Tro 0.00249
Select Scrn1 0.00248981
Select Map2k4 0.00247885
Select Lhx9 0.00247558
Select 6430517E21Rik 0.0024753
Select Myo5b 0.00247022
Select Esrra 0.00245894
Select Msi2 0.00244969
Select Rasgrf1 0.00244395
Select Mylip 0.00243372
Select Vezt 0.0024332
Select Gng4 0.00243211
Select Gpr56 0.00242852
Select Efcbp2 0.0024178
Select Ogfod1 0.00241465
Select Gpr85 0.00241221
Select C4b 0.00241145