Number of genes: 10 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Ventral posterior complex of the thalamus change

Lambda multiplier: 0.1000 change

Lambda (actual): 60.4115

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Rab37 0.000804132
Select Gja7 0.0007858215
Select Plekhg1 0.0004189802
Select Prkcd 8.325619e-05
Select A630094N22Rik* 4.704706e-05
Select Amotl1 5.041479e-07
Select Plekha7 4.104161e-07
Select Tpd52l1 3.996996e-07
Select 1110069I04Rik* 3.242913e-07
Select Lef1 7.287611e-08
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Gja7 0.51179391
Select Tpd52l1 0.4325328
Select Rab37 0.36067926
Select Amotl1 0.28126127
Select Plekhg1 0.27668854
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.22309637
Select A630094N22Rik* 0.21871038
Select Rgs16 0.21557798
Select Plekha7 0.20884811
Select Prkcd 0.20390453