Number of genes: 100 change

Positivity: Positive change

Brain Region: Bed nuclei of the stria terminalis change

Lambda multiplier: 0.4000 change

Lambda (actual): 317.4911

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Hap1 1.523009e-05
Select Gaa 1.252008e-05
Select Gad2 2.50036e-08
Select Nnat 1.372656e-08
Select Zcchc12 1.219199e-08
Select Ecel1 9.072209e-09
Select Peg10 7.810978e-09
Select Resp18 7.442075e-09
Select Ly6h 7.367789e-09
Select Slc32a1 7.311212e-09
Select Tmem130 7.155486e-09
Select Nap1l5 7.001002e-09
Select LOC433088 6.095382e-09
Select Gad1 6.092948e-09
Select Pgrmc1 5.975267e-09
Select Baiap3 5.726857e-09
Select LOC381076 5.701441e-09
Select Dlk1 5.696577e-09
Select Tro 5.576901e-09
Select Usp11 5.298986e-09
Select Txndc13 4.866274e-09
Select Pcsk1n 4.857065e-09
Select Impact 4.779738e-09
Select Wfs1 4.557918e-09
Select Odc1 4.411064e-09
Select Col25a1 4.367751e-09
Select Podxl2 4.333433e-09
Select Mest 4.296529e-09
Select Ascl1 4.268552e-09
Select AI427515 4.259334e-09
Select Cpne2 4.25281e-09
Select Gabrq 4.233696e-09
Select Zfp483 4.192014e-09
Select Magel2 4.181588e-09
Select TC1410973 4.152128e-09
Select Cdkn2c 4.081862e-09
Select Nts 4.019621e-09
Select Irs4 3.935392e-09
Select Rutbc2 3.90722e-09
Select Mesdc2 3.89876e-09
Select 4930431J08Rik 3.896783e-09
Select Efnb3 3.896564e-09
Select Gpr165 3.889807e-09
Select Pak3 3.874705e-09
Select Fxyd6 3.790794e-09
Select Maged2 3.771606e-09
Select Galntl1 3.72783e-09
Select Scg2 3.721262e-09
Select 1110033J19Rik 3.656584e-09
Select 2700055K07Rik 3.637508e-09
Select Hs6st2 3.588673e-09
Select Ece2 3.56861e-09
Select Slc6a11 3.554737e-09
Select Unc5d 3.553847e-09
Select Tac2 3.504425e-09
Select Nrsn2 3.502825e-09
Select Blcap 3.494527e-09
Select Pnck 3.482203e-09
Select Grik1 3.41892e-09
Select Rcn1 3.384085e-09
Select Ngb 3.349601e-09
Select Pnoc 3.327041e-09
Select TC1563688 3.31005e-09
Select Gfra1 3.309317e-09
Select Gal 3.30594e-09
Select Cart 3.269937e-09
Select Zim1 3.229301e-09
Select Crh 3.209541e-09
Select Oprl1 3.195531e-09
Select Npc2 3.192618e-09
Select Gpr101 3.186623e-09
Select Gas5 3.184493e-09
Select Psme1 3.175107e-09
Select Grin3a 3.163658e-09
Select Slc5a3 3.154941e-09
Select Gpr56 3.154795e-09
Select Scn5a 3.141594e-09
Select Arl10 3.139777e-09
Select AI987712 3.138522e-09
Select TC1563370 3.109567e-09
Select Dpysl5 3.088546e-09
Select Gpc3 3.079168e-09
Select Glra2 3.02702e-09
Select Adck4 3.01445e-09
Select Pdxk 2.987111e-09
Select Prlr 2.984738e-09
Select Gpr171 2.980084e-09
Select Brunol6 2.977279e-09
Select Gabrg1 2.976611e-09
Select Calcr 2.955024e-09
Select Glra3 2.94444e-09
Select Moxd1 2.882898e-09
Select Sdc2 2.879235e-09
Select Rwdd2 2.849118e-09
Select Isl1 2.84314e-09
Select Atp6v1c2 2.831657e-09
Select LOC245027 2.827717e-09
Select D9Ertd280e 2.811948e-09
Select Pcdh11x 2.801506e-09
Select Galr1 2.729199e-09
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Irs4 0.12099243
Select Zim1 0.07684169
Select Gal 0.07575737
Select Gpc3 0.06637457
Select Gabrq 0.06553063
Select Ecel1 0.06284243
Select Baiap3 0.06238248
Select Ngb 0.06098307
Select Calcr 0.05970088
Select 4930431J08Rik 0.05646616
Select LOC381076 0.05599775
Select Peg10 0.05332208
Select LOC433088 0.05074139
Select Nts 0.04942519
Select Gpr165 0.04822734
Select Magel2 0.04536265
Select Tac2 0.04211086
Select Gpr101 0.04127423
Select Prlr 0.039857
Select Nrsn2 0.03839651
Select Hap1 0.0371618
Select Zcchc12 0.03250711
Select Dlk1 0.02982018
Select Gabrg1 0.02956267
Select Pnck 0.02893503
Select Atp6v1c2 0.02853687
Select Adck4 0.02746514
Select AI987712 0.02683467
Select Scn5a 0.02640425
Select Glra2 0.02609572
Select Tal1 0.02595573
Select Moxd1 0.0247609
Select Ece2 0.0241954
Select Zfp483 0.02291775
Select D9Ertd280e 0.0217326
Select Cart 0.02089958
Select Pnoc 0.0206634
Select Cova1 0.0205516
Select Rcn1 0.01876992
Select TC1563688 0.01876101
Select TC1563370 0.01859723
Select Dpysl5 0.01716704
Select Grik1 0.01715546
Select Nnat 0.01713468
Select Gad2 0.01674237
Select Ly6h 0.01646974
Select Odc1 0.0159464
Select Mesdc2 0.01524422
Select Pcdh11x 0.01521665
Select Tro 0.01513366
Select Gpr56 0.01510992
Select Usp11 0.01498025
Select Glra3 0.01473398
Select Arl10 0.01471194
Select Gdpd2 0.01455058
Select AI427515 0.01409266
Select Rwdd2 0.01407541
Select Col25a1 0.01406578
Select Unc5d 0.01400589
Select TC1410973 0.01374178
Select Slc17a8 0.01288743
Select Wfs1 0.01285618
Select LOC245027 0.01279245
Select Brunol6 0.01273034
Select Ube2g2 0.01261493
Select Pcsk1n 0.01250679
Select Mest 0.01193165
Select Maged2 0.01168257
Select Pcdh18 0.01118665
Select Resp18 0.01116263
Select Pdxk 0.0111456
Select Cpne2 0.0110825
Select Wrb 0.01085023
Select Sdc2 0.01073649
Select Galr1 0.01069591
Select Gaa 0.0106319
Select Impact 0.01061004
Select Slc5a3 0.01054843
Select Crh 0.01048089
Select Galntl1 0.0104174
Select Pde11a 0.01038977
Select Txndc13 0.01035768
Select Blcap 0.01034039
Select 2310003H01Rik 0.01031296
Select Slc32a1 0.01027286
Select Hs6st2 0.0102064
Select Oprl1 0.01010956
Select 1110033J19Rik 0.01009694
Select Isl1 0.01009597
Select Crim1 0.01007429
Select Tmem130 0.01005614
Select Pak3 0.01005334
Select Ysk4 0.00980397
Select Agt 0.0097686
Select Rgs10 0.00976313
Select Whrn 0.00974742
Select Ascl1 0.00968639
Select Scg2 0.009633
Select Slc6a11 0.00949989
Select Grin3a 0.00947435