Number of genes: 100 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Dorsomedial nucleus of the hypothalamus change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0095 change

Lambda (actual): 4.5497

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Itih3 0.0006397154
Select Nrsn2 0.0006346899
Select D9Ertd280e 0.0005739594
Select Nenf 0.0003369235
Select Gal 0.0002672128
Select LOC436099 0.0002412641
Select Tm2d3 0.0002354046
Select Magel2 0.0002289574
Select Calcr 0.0002136269
Select Asb4 0.0001871981
Select 4930431J08Rik 0.0001861668
Select Tnnt1 0.0001826683
Select Vat1 0.0001666826
Select Tmem22 0.0001545554
Select Gpr101 0.000145607
Select LOC381076 0.0001438211
Select Agt 9.046311e-05
Select Zfp483 8.464214e-05
Select Pcsk1n 8.150419e-05
Select Dlk1 8.022474e-05
Select Rcn1 7.824357e-05
Select Slc6a11 6.055991e-05
Select Cib2 5.907249e-05
Select Usp11 5.778387e-05
Select BC005764 5.572064e-05
Select Rab27b 4.908038e-05
Select Fxyd6 4.794027e-05
Select LOC433088 4.535401e-05
Select Ecel1 4.424664e-05
Select Pgrmc2 3.520697e-05
Select Spint2 2.68798e-05
Select Plagl1 2.341582e-05
Select Pcdh17 2.232313e-05
Select TC1410973 1.992746e-05
Select Rps5 1.833047e-05
Select Pdyn 1.5144e-05
Select Alg2 1.219625e-05
Select Resp18 1.036466e-05
Select 2310015N21Rik 5.535329e-06
Select Maged2 3.470162e-06
Select Baiap3 3.255311e-06
Select Trh 2.091917e-06
Select Gabrq 7.407145e-07
Select Slc2a1 6.395749e-07
Select Peg10 5.917966e-07
Select Adcy6 3.850086e-07
Select Ache 3.401141e-07
Select Lonrf2 3.054539e-07
Select C530008M17Rik 2.065909e-07
Select Hdc 1.353329e-07
Select Isl1 1.115192e-07
Select Brunol6 9.876771e-08
Select Gpr171 8.207621e-08
Select Ysk4 6.72359e-08
Select Tspan6 6.406813e-08
Select 0610011I04Rik 5.452955e-08
Select 2310001H12Rik 2.493685e-08
Select Pcdh11x 1.446457e-08
Select Fezf1 7.250738e-09
Select Arl10 -5.022234e-08
Select Zcchc12 -5.117397e-08
Select Mesdc2 -5.931419e-08
Select Grb10 -6.989723e-08
Select Psme1 -1.195643e-07
Select Tmem29 -1.357048e-07
Select Sdc2 -1.542737e-07
Select Pcdh18 -1.81215e-07
Select Tmed3 -2.011928e-07
Select Cart -2.87381e-07
Select Rps12 -2.984241e-07
Select Tro -3.179746e-07
Select Ltbp3 -1.495208e-06
Select Txndc13 -1.98127e-06
Select Rarres2 -3.165055e-06
Select Nnat -3.703043e-06
Select Donson -4.449951e-06
Select Impact -8.288973e-06
Select 2700055K07Rik -1.866861e-05
Select Podxl2 -2.249404e-05
Select Rutbc2 -2.392353e-05
Select Ly6h -2.601539e-05
Select Hap1 -2.778002e-05
Select Gaa -3.256185e-05
Select Gpr56 -3.8959e-05
Select Tmem130 -4.131235e-05
Select Prmt2 -4.162169e-05
Select AI427515 -4.83991e-05
Select Ascl1 -5.601615e-05
Select Oprl1 -6.035201e-05
Select Scg2 -6.817366e-05
Select Adck4 -9.867405e-05
Select Slc5a3 -9.946591e-05
Select Ece2 -9.971413e-05
Select Gpr165 -0.0001144226
Select Pnck -0.0001496398
Select B630019K06Rik -0.0001612288
Select Irs4 -0.0002085904
Select Sema4g -0.0002382001
Select Ngb -0.0003291012
Select TC1563370 -0.0006150739
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select D9Ertd280e 0.04078044
Select Itih3 0.03980239
Select Gabrq 0.03763646
Select Gal 0.03537138
Select Magel2 0.03426223
Select Nrsn2 0.0337331
Select Nenf 0.03105002
Select Baiap3 0.0299469
Select Calcr 0.02961735
Select LOC381076 0.02779865
Select Agt 0.02631673
Select Gpr101 0.02410921
Select Dlk1 0.02308222
Select Peg10 0.02288989
Select LOC433088 0.02271559
Select 4930431J08Rik 0.02267909
Select Ecel1 0.02147245
Select Arl10 0.02051273
Select Gpr165 0.02047751
Select Asb4 0.02047042
Select Irs4 0.01988002
Select Vat1 0.01721679
Select LOC436099 0.01641784
Select Hdc 0.01608697
Select Fezf1 0.01594114
Select Hap1 0.01427271
Select Brunol6 0.01391166
Select Plagl1 0.01302816
Select Gpr56 0.01270417
Select Ece2 0.01188055
Select Zcchc12 0.01161779
Select Ysk4 0.0114161
Select Slc6a11 0.010989
Select Ngb 0.0107229
Select Mesdc2 0.01067473
Select Rcn1 0.01047833
Select Isl1 0.0104327
Select Adcy6 0.01008728
Select Zfp483 0.00974152
Select Spint2 0.00954053
Select Prmt2 0.00937662
Select TC1563370 0.00932918
Select Sdc2 0.00901546
Select Nr5a1 0.00870517
Select 0610011I04Rik 0.00863821
Select Tspan12 0.00858164
Select TC1410973 0.0084717
Select Cart 0.00837214
Select B630019K06Rik 0.00834184
Select Trh 0.00829646
Select Grb10 0.00818459
Select Tmed3 0.00814523
Select Tspan6 0.00798354
Select Tmem22 0.00765127
Select 2310015N21Rik 0.00756904
Select Rps5 0.00734721
Select E030013G06Rik 0.00732779
Select Pcdh11x 0.00730467
Select Tm2d3 0.00718706
Select AI427515 0.00715025
Select 2700055K07Rik 0.00712572
Select Nnat 0.0070867
Select Adck4 0.00706376
Select Rarres2 0.00703575
Select Usp11 0.00667279
Select Pcsk1n 0.00653583
Select Fxyd6 0.00650393
Select Tnnt1 0.00626195
Select Resp18 0.0059317
Select Slc2a1 0.0058708
Select Cib2 0.00555651
Select Slc29a1 0.00530829
Select Gpr171 0.00523576
Select Ache 0.0051042
Select Rab27b 0.00500139
Select Tmem47 0.00499973
Select Podxl2 0.0049366
Select BC005764 0.00488503
Select Pnck 0.00480379
Select Ascl1 0.00475279
Select Maged2 0.00474548
Select Sema4g 0.00474228
Select Ly6h 0.00465745
Select Psme1 0.0046087
Select Tmem130 0.00459495
Select Txndc13 0.00451818
Select Scg2 0.00446967
Select Rps12 0.00439229
Select Tm4sf1 0.00436748
Select Impact 0.00434033
Select C530008M17Rik 0.00427141
Select Pdyn 0.00424633
Select Zfp423 0.00422853
Select Pcdh17 0.00421441
Select Tac2 0.0041431
Select LOC245027 0.00410313
Select Tro 0.00408817
Select Tmem29 0.00405453
Select Lonrf2 0.00401374
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.00395345