Number of genes: 50 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Dorsomedial nucleus of the hypothalamus change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0600 change

Lambda (actual): 16.7848

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Itih3 0.0003810325
Select Nrsn2 0.0002825212
Select Magel2 0.0001749264
Select Gal 0.000143387
Select Dlk1 7.049293e-05
Select Vat1 4.417612e-05
Select LOC381076 3.205691e-05
Select Baiap3 3.153965e-05
Select LOC433088 2.682559e-05
Select Ecel1 2.519261e-05
Select Rcn1 8.259855e-06
Select 4930431J08Rik 4.113979e-06
Select Zfp483 1.965257e-06
Select Spint2 6.193192e-07
Select Agt 5.75584e-07
Select Gabrq 5.385456e-07
Select Asb4 4.170598e-07
Select Peg10 3.491919e-07
Select D9Ertd280e 1.518296e-07
Select Gpr101 1.479285e-07
Select Calcr 6.849766e-08
Select Nenf 6.761297e-08
Select Arl10 6.68978e-08
Select Plagl1 5.899114e-08
Select Rps5 5.770833e-08
Select Mesdc2 4.613094e-08
Select LOC436099 4.096858e-08
Select Brunol6 3.296464e-08
Select Hdc 1.811068e-08
Select 0610011I04Rik 1.695138e-08
Select Isl1 1.692205e-08
Select Adcy6 1.216747e-08
Select Ysk4 9.430408e-09
Select Fezf1 4.451012e-09
Select Irs4 -3.415051e-09
Select Tmed3 -3.458741e-09
Select Slc6a11 -5.847806e-09
Select Sdc2 -1.726196e-08
Select Gpr56 -2.130303e-08
Select Gpr165 -3.70837e-08
Select Ngb -1.040989e-07
Select Prmt2 -1.248738e-07
Select Hap1 -1.260893e-07
Select Nnat -2.285917e-06
Select Ece2 -1.981714e-05
Select Zcchc12 -3.912572e-05
Select TC1410973 -4.043612e-05
Select TC1563370 -4.4373e-05
Select AI427515 -5.160197e-05
Select B630019K06Rik -6.719387e-05
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select D9Ertd280e 0.04078044
Select Itih3 0.03980239
Select Gabrq 0.03763646
Select Gal 0.03537138
Select Magel2 0.03426223
Select Nrsn2 0.0337331
Select Nenf 0.03105002
Select Baiap3 0.0299469
Select Calcr 0.02961735
Select LOC381076 0.02779865
Select Agt 0.02631673
Select Gpr101 0.02410921
Select Dlk1 0.02308222
Select Peg10 0.02288989
Select LOC433088 0.02271559
Select 4930431J08Rik 0.02267909
Select Ecel1 0.02147245
Select Arl10 0.02051273
Select Gpr165 0.02047751
Select Asb4 0.02047042
Select Irs4 0.01988002
Select Vat1 0.01721679
Select LOC436099 0.01641784
Select Hdc 0.01608697
Select Fezf1 0.01594114
Select Hap1 0.01427271
Select Brunol6 0.01391166
Select Plagl1 0.01302816
Select Gpr56 0.01270417
Select Ece2 0.01188055
Select Zcchc12 0.01161779
Select Ysk4 0.0114161
Select Slc6a11 0.010989
Select Ngb 0.0107229
Select Mesdc2 0.01067473
Select Rcn1 0.01047833
Select Isl1 0.0104327
Select Adcy6 0.01008728
Select Zfp483 0.00974152
Select Spint2 0.00954053
Select Prmt2 0.00937662
Select TC1563370 0.00932918
Select Sdc2 0.00901546
Select Nr5a1 0.00870517
Select 0610011I04Rik 0.00863821
Select Tspan12 0.00858164
Select TC1410973 0.0084717
Select Cart 0.00837214
Select B630019K06Rik 0.00834184
Select Trh 0.00829646