Number of genes: 50 change

Positivity: Positive change

Brain Region: Fundus of striatum change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0040 change

Lambda (actual): 0.8984

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Lhx8 0.002143322
Select Foxo1 0.0006994873
Select Sema5b 0.0003933345
Select Lhx6 0.0001203628
Select Gpr83 6.714567e-05
Select Nts 2.446862e-05
Select Cdo1 1.274371e-05
Select Wfs1 5.592964e-06
Select Ebf4 4.812937e-06
Select Tacr1 4.484198e-06
Select Npffr2 1.729183e-06
Select Tmem16b 1.140974e-06
Select Ntrk1 1.072312e-06
Select Rgs2 6.108456e-07
Select Foxp2 5.111051e-07
Select Slc35f1 3.851359e-07
Select Sorcs1 3.368294e-07
Select A930017N06Rik 3.170319e-07
Select Peg10 2.682792e-07
Select LOC381355 1.756351e-07
Select Gabrb2 1.64704e-07
Select D330017J20Rik 1.561263e-07
Select Sytl5 1.521392e-07
Select Otof 1.430622e-07
Select Gnal 1.362342e-07
Select BC023818 1.292946e-07
Select Pde1b 1.214408e-07
Select Pdyn 1.02445e-07
Select Pdxk 7.981997e-08
Select Zcchc12 7.178773e-08
Select Gucy1a3 6.573313e-08
Select Ctss 6.123796e-08
Select Sertad4 5.571197e-08
Select Erbb4 5.32442e-08
Select Rarb 5.232544e-08
Select Ppp1r2 4.934108e-08
Select Tomm70a 4.519278e-08
Select Mrg1 3.809802e-08
Select S100pbp 3.65697e-08
Select Slc35d3 3.41313e-08
Select Rgs9 3.283446e-08
Select Rasd2 3.28324e-08
Select Dpy19l3 2.544873e-08
Select Cpne5 2.471652e-08
Select Penk1 2.44536e-08
Select Gad2 1.960333e-08
Select Dcamkl3 1.78209e-08
Select Gpr88 1.6599e-08
Select Alcam 1.522526e-08
Select Slc32a1 1.281234e-08
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Foxo1 0.0366679
Select Lhx8 0.01729932
Select Gpr83 0.00956271
Select Sema5b 0.00945243
Select Lhx6 0.00833964
Select Pdyn 0.00709233
Select Tacr1 0.00602539
Select Pde1b 0.00598427
Select Cdo1 0.00586853
Select Nts 0.00585324
Select Foxp2 0.00575779
Select 4932418E24Rik 0.0055296
Select Wfs1 0.0054928
Select A930017N06Rik 0.00472901
Select Ppp1r2 0.00447598
Select Rgs2 0.00438425
Select Gucy1a3 0.00429772
Select Ntrk1 0.00414192
Select Ebf4 0.00412104
Select Penk1 0.00410466
Select Tomm70a 0.00409426
Select Mrg1 0.00404328
Select Gnal 0.00400178
Select LOC381355 0.00397492
Select Tmem16b 0.00396225
Select D330017J20Rik 0.00373227
Select Rgs9 0.00373036
Select Gad2 0.00371201
Select Slc35d3 0.00368152
Select Gabrb2 0.00350523
Select Sytl5 0.0033215
Select S100pbp 0.00322138
Select Npffr2 0.0031634
Select Peg10 0.0031555
Select Ptprv 0.00308758
Select Gpr88 0.00295363
Select Sertad4 0.00294159
Select Zcchc12 0.00284468
Select Otof 0.00280862
Select Rasd2 0.00273311
Select C030014K22Rik 0.00269097
Select BC023818 0.00267609
Select Ctss 0.00263647
Select Rarb 0.00262828
Select Dpy19l3 0.00256853
Select Slc32a1 0.00250941
Select Scn4b 0.00250058
Select Slc35f1 0.00243682
Select Tac1 0.00241551
Select Cpne5 0.00240103