Number of genes: 20 change

Positivity: Positive change

Brain Region: Intralaminar nuclei of the dorsal thalamus change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0045 change

Lambda (actual): 1.7876

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Slitrk6 0.003619396
Select Galr1 0.001088549
Select Slc29a1 0.0009517297
Select Cox6a2 6.43998e-05
Select 1110069I04Rik* 3.106919e-05
Select Tcf7l2 2.063767e-05
Select Lef1 3.596663e-07
Select Rgs16 2.413375e-07
Select Grid2ip 1.488154e-07
Select 1810041L15Rik 1.174696e-07
Select Amotl1 9.114343e-08
Select Ramp3 8.747107e-08
Select Atbf1 8.072419e-08
Select Inpp4b 7.489698e-08
Select Zmat4 7.433546e-08
Select Plekhg1 7.369344e-08
Select Akap2 4.444401e-08
Select Prkcd 4.275233e-08
Select Ptpn3 3.680898e-08
Select Ntng1 2.429316e-08
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Slitrk6 0.25430891
Select Galr1 0.17338856
Select Slc29a1 0.13487158
Select Extl3 0.12643856
Select Lef1 0.09259845
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.08845326
Select Cd59a 0.07776916
Select Tcf7l2 0.07683134
Select Lypd6 0.07573331
Select 1810041L15Rik 0.06518723
Select 2310010M24Rik 0.06385349
Select C130018E23Rik* 0.05764538
Select Plekhg1 0.05479539
Select Prkcd 0.05194151
Select Rgs16 0.05159731
Select Zmat4 0.05083438
Select Ptpn3 0.05033606
Select Ramp3 0.04878352
Select Cox6a2 0.04854873
Select Inpp4b 0.04717083