Number of genes: 200 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Intralaminar nuclei of the dorsal thalamus change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0090 change

Lambda (actual): 4.7683

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Slitrk6 0.002792416
Select Cox6a2 0.001665703
Select Slc29a1 0.0008026852
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.0005603005
Select Lef1 0.0004013426
Select Galr1 0.0003613645
Select Creg1 0.0003244985
Select Zyx 0.0003225918
Select Cd59a 0.0002363447
Select Slc9a7 0.0002324981
Select 1810041L15Rik 0.0002273054
Select 8430415E04Rik 0.0001715409
Select 2310010M24Rik 0.0001644329
Select Tcf7l2 0.0001518778
Select Foxp2 0.000149975
Select Efcbp1 0.000122344
Select Rreb1 0.0001153502
Select Plekhg1 0.0001113284
Select Atxn1 0.0001074564
Select C130018E23Rik* 9.958023e-05
Select Lum 9.518163e-05
Select Agrin 8.083283e-05
Select Lypd6 7.499537e-05
Select Cpne7 6.86541e-05
Select Tox 6.499478e-05
Select Mgat5b 6.480128e-05
Select Gdf11 6.200236e-05
Select C630002B14Rik 5.937593e-05
Select Mrpl12 5.800619e-05
Select Cit 5.037287e-05
Select 6330403A02Rik 4.590151e-05
Select Slc6a11 4.324689e-05
Select Pappa2 3.805924e-05
Select Cyp51 3.76786e-05
Select 4931406I20Rik 3.394257e-05
Select Rims3 3.193572e-05
Select Cib2 2.941763e-05
Select Fasn 2.841407e-05
Select Inpp4b 2.720848e-05
Select BC062109 2.158422e-05
Select Prpf6 2.155981e-05
Select LOC432748 1.977764e-05
Select Ppm2c 1.638999e-05
Select Itsn1 1.607844e-05
Select Ptpn4 1.522124e-05
Select Nrip3 1.47165e-05
Select Nsdhl 1.340077e-05
Select Cacna1g 1.200136e-05
Select 4921511K06Rik 1.072107e-05
Select Gpr123 9.696031e-06
Select Hlf 9.104858e-06
Select Col25a1 8.225829e-06
Select Stxbp6 7.344012e-06
Select Grm1 7.282677e-06
Select Syt7 7.037188e-06
Select 2700045P11Rik 6.269127e-06
Select Col15a1 5.699504e-06
Select Cbln4 4.82512e-06
Select Mef2a 3.372619e-06
Select Timp3 1.808458e-06
Select 1600021P15Rik 1.873337e-07
Select Grid2ip 1.727125e-07
Select Maob 1.491961e-07
Select Slc17a6 1.408361e-07
Select Extl3 1.331034e-07
Select Rab3c 1.216672e-07
Select Zmat4 1.149804e-07
Select Nxph1 8.273393e-08
Select Ptpn3 6.166432e-08
Select Srgap1 5.597197e-08
Select Oxr1 5.475678e-08
Select 9330132E09Rik 5.054196e-08
Select 4930516O21Rik* 4.934886e-08
Select 2410066E13Rik 2.919841e-08
Select Txnrd1 2.698786e-08
Select E130307M08Rik 2.563862e-08
Select Serpinb6a 2.489639e-08
Select Kif5a 2.358119e-08
Select Zfp423 2.231335e-08
Select Slc6a7 2.15873e-08
Select Rap1gds1 2.106711e-08
Select D130072O21Rik 2.046247e-08
Select Maged2 1.960697e-08
Select Prkcd 1.931617e-08
Select Rasd1 1.470588e-08
Select Epha1 1.123795e-08
Select Grin3a 1.067815e-08
Select Rgs16 1.029816e-08
Select Tnfrsf19l 8.317586e-09
Select L1cam 7.87186e-09
Select Chrna4 5.09104e-09
Select Manba 4.075813e-09
Select Ero1lb -4.558092e-11
Select Adarb1 -1.445288e-09
Select Kcnip4 -3.04809e-09
Select Nr3c1 -3.073792e-09
Select Btbd11 -5.428855e-09
Select Adamts17 -6.574299e-09
Select Prkg2 -7.336246e-09
Select Fryl -1.142342e-08
Select 5830404H04Rik -1.581409e-08
Select Gss -1.65261e-08
Select Agt -2.10631e-08
Select Kcnj12 -2.288536e-08
Select Plcb4 -2.350643e-08
Select Acsl3 -2.604044e-08
Select C530008M17Rik -2.646109e-08
Select Arsa -2.792824e-08
Select Axin2 -2.890758e-08
Select Chst11 -2.924073e-08
Select Gpr12 -3.252766e-08
Select Atbf1 -3.834567e-08
Select Ntng1 -3.869895e-08
Select Chrnb2 -3.977115e-08
Select Glce -4.165302e-08
Select B230218L05Rik -4.240223e-08
Select Ndufa10 -4.560072e-08
Select Ier3 -4.61986e-08
Select Nkd1 -5.028656e-08
Select Vangl1 -5.465106e-08
Select Sh3bp4 -5.750467e-08
Select Rab37 -6.100318e-08
Select A630094N22Rik* -6.282632e-08
Select Rora -6.470113e-08
Select 2300002D11Rik -7.678771e-08
Select Apbb2 -9.328113e-08
Select Epha8 -9.541647e-08
Select Tnc -9.627794e-08
Select Sod1 -9.828721e-08
Select Chst8 -1.009571e-07
Select Socs6 -1.410972e-07
Select BC004044 -1.683191e-07
Select Elmo1 -2.008876e-07
Select Sh3d19 -2.250865e-07
Select Tanc1 -2.379329e-07
Select Depdc6 -2.490548e-07
Select Cd47 -3.740212e-07
Select Sult1a1 -6.005841e-07
Select Esrra -6.400492e-07
Select Spon1 -6.47649e-07
Select Arhgap12 -6.815924e-07
Select Plekha7 -8.457098e-07
Select Tmem163 -2.329484e-06
Select Tspyl4 -3.296989e-06
Select Clmn -3.847158e-06
Select B230308C24Rik* -3.89761e-06
Select Zcchc12 -4.836328e-06
Select Mgst3 -6.870348e-06
Select Igfbp5 -7.293294e-06
Select Pigq -8.852236e-06
Select Megf9 -9.451032e-06
Select mCG142089 -9.458807e-06
Select Reps2 -1.035627e-05
Select Dscr1l1 -1.051827e-05
Select Inpp5a -1.085188e-05
Select B4galt5 -1.139747e-05
Select Ramp3 -1.269372e-05
Select Inpp1 -1.414957e-05
Select Nin -1.452598e-05
Select 4732455O04Rik* -1.613707e-05
Select Adcy8 -1.841188e-05
Select Kitl -2.369087e-05
Select Mmp15 -2.715478e-05
Select Stmn4 -2.835186e-05
Select TC1563253 -3.211108e-05
Select Wbscr17 -3.235652e-05
Select C630007C17Rik -3.323726e-05
Select Ctnnb1 -3.605247e-05
Select Ctnnd1 -3.797145e-05
Select Lrrn2 -3.806013e-05
Select Tspan33 -3.829775e-05
Select Osbpl3 -3.867138e-05
Select Bok -4.029757e-05
Select Adarb2 -4.234238e-05
Select Mlstd1 -4.33084e-05
Select Fign -4.345194e-05
Select LOC214238 -4.51733e-05
Select Nefh -4.539595e-05
Select Osbpl5 -4.554007e-05
Select Slc24a3 -4.75726e-05
Select Eml1 -4.793656e-05
Select Sema4g -4.859347e-05
Select Adrbk2 -4.886193e-05
Select Arl3 -5.363529e-05
Select Epn3 -5.825371e-05
Select AI841794 -6.14433e-05
Select Spock3 -6.791073e-05
Select Kcnc2 -8.098539e-05
Select B4galt1 -8.72157e-05
Select Lrrtm1 -8.759736e-05
Select 1110064P04Rik -8.990243e-05
Select Syt9 -0.0001038197
Select Akap2 -0.000141847
Select Sptlc2 -0.0001454007
Select Sema6a -0.0001539563
Select Gabra4 -0.0001765992
Select Tmem41a -0.0001854959
Select Amotl1 -0.0002271572
Select Cntn4 -0.0003650966
Select Gja7 -0.001232821
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Slitrk6 0.25430891
Select Galr1 0.17338856
Select Slc29a1 0.13487158
Select Extl3 0.12643856
Select Lef1 0.09259845
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.08845326
Select Cd59a 0.07776916
Select Tcf7l2 0.07683134
Select Lypd6 0.07573331
Select 1810041L15Rik 0.06518723
Select 2310010M24Rik 0.06385349
Select C130018E23Rik* 0.05764538
Select Plekhg1 0.05479539
Select Prkcd 0.05194151
Select Rgs16 0.05159731
Select Zmat4 0.05083438
Select Ptpn3 0.05033606
Select Ramp3 0.04878352
Select Cox6a2 0.04854873
Select Inpp4b 0.04717083
Select Maob 0.04479221
Select Amotl1 0.04334051
Select Ntng1 0.04330917
Select Grid2ip 0.0431632
Select Atbf1 0.04193818
Select Akap2 0.04062001
Select Creg1 0.03828866
Select Syt9 0.03758596
Select Adarb1 0.03715155
Select Lum 0.03564495
Select Epha8 0.03468128
Select Ero1lb 0.03428601
Select Ghsr 0.03266009
Select AI841794 0.03231616
Select Sh3d19 0.03154432
Select Plekha7 0.03131007
Select 2410066E13Rik 0.03093553
Select Svil 0.03042762
Select Prkg2 0.0294369
Select Chx10 0.02939149
Select 1600021P15Rik 0.0289777
Select Vangl1 0.02870215
Select Ptpn4 0.02856517
Select Sult1a1 0.02783425
Select Gabra4 0.02732239
Select Socs6 0.02711891
Select Zyx 0.02586782
Select Cit 0.02566017
Select Foxp2 0.02540173
Select Cbln4 0.02523292
Select mCG142089 0.02497486
Select Timp3 0.02495324
Select 9330132E09Rik 0.02481124
Select Gpr12 0.02353912
Select Pstpip1 0.02348075
Select Nr3c1 0.0229813
Select 8430415E04Rik 0.02294313
Select 2700045P11Rik 0.02267043
Select Txnrd1 0.02184266
Select Zfp423 0.02183303
Select Bace2 0.0217035
Select Manba 0.0213625
Select Rab37 0.02089003
Select Mlstd1 0.02062813
Select Rora 0.02059433
Select Ier3 0.02056046
Select Dpysl5 0.02048028
Select Epha1 0.02042721
Select Nkd1 0.02012661
Select Col15a1 0.02008194
Select Fign 0.02001591
Select Slc17a6 0.01995782
Select Cacna1g 0.01962498
Select Tnc 0.01960148
Select Pappa2 0.0188953
Select Rreb1 0.01881452
Select Plcb4 0.01870682
Select Col25a1 0.0186688
Select Cpne7 0.01863574
Select Osbpl5 0.01850126
Select B3gat2 0.01841537
Select Slc9a7 0.01833794
Select Gss 0.01818739
Select Tnfrsf19l 0.01799698
Select Clmn 0.01757167
Select Grm1 0.01715325
Select Agt 0.01700452
Select BC004044 0.01699317
Select Arsa 0.01696088
Select Sptlc2 0.01695298
Select Ppp2r2a 0.01685349
Select Gdf11 0.016795
Select Fryl 0.01678868
Select Efcbp1 0.01670267
Select Rnf19 0.01647412
Select Rasd1 0.01603724
Select Lhfpl2 0.01575319
Select 4921511K06Rik 0.01574458
Select Inpp5a 0.01546148
Select Lrrtm1 0.01532744
Select Elmo1 0.01511892
Select Gpr123 0.01511862
Select Gja7 0.01506111
Select LOC432748 0.0148438
Select 4930516O21Rik* 0.01480585
Select Tmem41a 0.01449243
Select Sema4g 0.01447717
Select Srgap1 0.01446072
Select Bok 0.01406263
Select Tmem163 0.01388355
Select Axin2 0.01354468
Select Tox 0.01302992
Select C630002B14Rik 0.01295919
Select Esrra 0.01288876
Select Slc17a8 0.0128868
Select A630094N22Rik* 0.01288349
Select Gpr151 0.01271195
Select Tanc1 0.01266372
Select Spock3 0.01248389
Select Chrna4 0.01242733
Select Cntn4 0.01241302
Select Ppm2c 0.01241297
Select B4galt1 0.0123913
Select BC062109 0.01233176
Select Nr3c2 0.0123097
Select Syn3 0.01230377
Select Tspan33 0.01229884
Select Kitl 0.01227057
Select Kcnc2 0.01217572
Select Kcnip4 0.01203056
Select Grin3a 0.01170895
Select Btbd11 0.01143485
Select 5830404H04Rik 0.01120558
Select Glce 0.01119714
Select Rims3 0.01107972
Select B230218L05Rik 0.01101013
Select Mmp15 0.01085793
Select Pdia5 0.010855
Select C630007C17Rik 0.01082046
Select Nxph1 0.01078958
Select Apbb2 0.01074359
Select Nek7 0.0107085
Select Zfp260 0.01070588
Select 3110004L20Rik 0.01057151
Select Col12a1 0.01034374
Select 4931406I20Rik 0.01033854
Select E130307M08Rik 0.01011623
Select Kcnj12 0.00993529
Select Nrip3 0.00992541
Select Sv2c 0.00988442
Select C530008M17Rik 0.0096758
Select Sema6a 0.0096617
Select Unc5c 0.00950068
Select Scube2 0.0094998
Select Acsl3 0.00949157
Select Rab3c 0.00937114
Select Stxbp6 0.00924966
Select Zcchc12 0.00924672
Select Sh3bp4 0.00924448
Select Epn3 0.00920365
Select Itsn1 0.00915159
Select Mgat5b 0.00914137
Select Atxn1 0.00911575
Select Wbscr17 0.00903857
Select Spon1 0.00901082
Select Cib2 0.00895357
Select Chrnb2 0.00890623
Select Gsto1 0.00889711
Select Chst8 0.00886564
Select Adarb2 0.00880573
Select Agrin 0.00875962
Select Serpinb6a 0.00875258
Select B4galt5 0.00873551
Select Depdc6 0.00873403
Select 4732455O04Rik* 0.00854323
Select Oxr1 0.00850151
Select Cova1 0.00846794
Select Igfbp5 0.00844186
Select Slc24a3 0.00835769
Select L1cam 0.00835245
Select Adamts17 0.00829761
Select Prokr2 0.00823913
Select Chst11 0.00821244
Select Chst10 0.00815895
Select D130072O21Rik 0.00794172
Select Cyp51 0.00791562
Select Egln1 0.00787254
Select Nsdhl 0.0078722
Select B230308C24Rik* 0.00783624
Select Vat1 0.00781851
Select 6330505N24Rik 0.00781399
Select Osbpl3 0.00766279
Select Amigo2 0.00760588
Select Syt7 0.0076019
Select Gal 0.00745715
Select Maged2 0.00740191
Select Kirrel3 0.00735651
Select Adrbk2 0.00726006
Select Anxa5 0.00723133
Select 6330403A02Rik 0.00721764