Number of genes: 100 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Lateral dorsal nucleus of thalamus change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0600 change

Lambda (actual): 18.0078

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Epha8 0.003267261
Select Prkg2 0.001028663
Select Lef1 0.000468257
Select Ramp3 0.0003584784
Select B4galt1 0.0002757536
Select Adamts19 0.0002233034
Select Chrna4 0.0001910717
Select mCG142089 0.0001601548
Select Grid2ip 0.0001577373
Select Cachd1 0.000136931
Select A930041I02Rik 0.0001074491
Select Gss 0.0001006961
Select LOC433258 7.72879e-05
Select AI836003 5.769205e-05
Select Crispld1 5.281022e-05
Select AI841794 1.874242e-05
Select Gabra4 1.871861e-05
Select Prkcd 1.730791e-05
Select BC030477 6.825133e-06
Select Slc17a6 1.387114e-06
Select Iyd 6.492623e-07
Select Klk8 4.885533e-07
Select 4921511K06Rik 3.671249e-07
Select Anxa5 2.962093e-07
Select Spock3 2.74927e-07
Select Cacnb2 2.719143e-07
Select BC004044 1.455363e-07
Select Chst2 1.40713e-07
Select Extl3 1.341688e-07
Select Pkp2 1.251399e-07
Select Inpp4b 1.212566e-07
Select Gpr12 1.104853e-07
Select Sema6a 1.091687e-07
Select Zmat4 1.07458e-07
Select Ier3 1.039872e-07
Select Tmem41a 9.687499e-08
Select Arsa 9.261409e-08
Select Socs6 7.593283e-08
Select Tmem163 6.75078e-08
Select Cd59a 5.993751e-08
Select Ptpn3 5.353235e-08
Select Atbf1 5.273563e-08
Select D230050A05 5.186838e-08
Select 5830404H04Rik 5.128204e-08
Select Homer2 3.612586e-08
Select Myo5c 3.324188e-08
Select Adarb2 3.151677e-08
Select Inpp5a 2.95745e-08
Select Epn3 2.856524e-08
Select Tanc1 2.211432e-08
Select Manba 2.129599e-08
Select Cntn4 1.963766e-08
Select Ptpn4 1.49664e-08
Select Rab37 1.37484e-08
Select C630002B14Rik 1.282577e-08
Select Nefh 1.032407e-08
Select Rgs16 4.221675e-09
Select Unc5c 4.172045e-09
Select Tnc 4.085423e-09
Select C630007C17Rik 9.031363e-10
Select Bok -2.927466e-09
Select Apbb2 -3.070891e-09
Select Slc24a3 -7.429244e-09
Select Nr3c1 -9.876193e-09
Select Vangl1 -1.121432e-08
Select Slitrk6 -1.604119e-08
Select Adarb1 -2.513412e-08
Select Chrnb2 -2.639868e-08
Select Ero1lb -2.998177e-08
Select Tnfrsf19l -3.067483e-08
Select Tspan33 -4.238087e-08
Select Elmo1 -6.022843e-08
Select Sema6d -6.853237e-08
Select Sult1a1 -7.770937e-08
Select Kcnip4 -8.604498e-08
Select Lrrtm1 -9.453419e-08
Select Cit -1.058119e-07
Select 2410066E13Rik -1.06421e-07
Select Timp3 -1.14404e-07
Select Syt9 -1.478738e-07
Select Kcnc2 -1.505585e-07
Select Ntng1 -1.767123e-07
Select 1110069I04Rik* -2.831127e-07
Select A630094N22Rik* -2.915217e-07
Select Gpr123 -3.838987e-07
Select 1810041L15Rik -7.464582e-07
Select Plekhg1 -1.21504e-06
Select Amotl1 -1.573256e-06
Select Sema4g -4.859737e-06
Select 1600021P15Rik -5.262999e-06
Select Grm1 -8.764597e-06
Select Ogfrl1 -2.397636e-05
Select Tcf7l2 -2.432038e-05
Select Rora -2.672102e-05
Select Clmn -4.842518e-05
Select Akap2 -6.345045e-05
Select Plcb4 -8.737366e-05
Select Sptlc2 -8.990421e-05
Select Sh3d19 -0.0002179937
Select Fryl -0.0002471582
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Epha8 0.22353214
Select Extl3 0.15880501
Select Prkg2 0.1198195
Select Lef1 0.09346364
Select Ramp3 0.07700658
Select B4galt1 0.06613805
Select Cachd1 0.0610708
Select Rgs16 0.05084472
Select Prkcd 0.05004699
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.04615228
Select Plekhg1 0.04518457
Select Amotl1 0.04486333
Select Gss 0.04092141
Select Chrna4 0.04053751
Select 1810041L15Rik 0.04033852
Select Gabra4 0.03990928
Select Grid2ip 0.03812223
Select mCG142089 0.0370033
Select Tcf7l2 0.03627323
Select Rab37 0.03450855
Select Syt9 0.03447144
Select Zmat4 0.03426603
Select Socs6 0.03357016
Select Atbf1 0.03223868
Select Inpp4b 0.03193494
Select Tmem41a 0.03175758
Select Vangl1 0.03127266
Select Ptpn3 0.0292805
Select Klk8 0.02922286
Select Slitrk6 0.02870609
Select Ero1lb 0.02865557
Select AI841794 0.02723863
Select Adarb1 0.02703597
Select Akap2 0.026779
Select Adamts19 0.02666441
Select Ntng1 0.02590983
Select Ier3 0.02558549
Select Bok 0.02522375
Select Arsa 0.02416748
Select Chst2 0.02330596
Select Cd59a 0.02308464
Select Gpr12 0.02189987
Select Crispld1 0.02175371
Select Ptpn4 0.02150945
Select Itga7 0.02148296
Select Nr3c1 0.02059989
Select Iyd 0.01991133
Select 2410066E13Rik 0.01975423
Select Pkp2 0.01928124
Select Tnc 0.01839219
Select Nrp1 0.01823925
Select Tanc1 0.01809471
Select Tmem163 0.01791388
Select Apbb2 0.01783565
Select LOC433258 0.01777958
Select Sptlc2 0.01765201
Select Manba 0.01746142
Select Sult1a1 0.01723838
Select A930041I02Rik 0.01723434
Select D230050A05 0.01667172
Select Lats2 0.01659552
Select C630002B14Rik 0.01642858
Select Ttn 0.01558525
Select Adarb2 0.01548086
Select Lrrtm1 0.01539846
Select C630007C17Rik 0.01535687
Select 5830404H04Rik 0.0147663
Select Grm1 0.01462195
Select Sema6a 0.01452893
Select Tnfaip8l3 0.01447959
Select Kcnc2 0.01447173
Select Kcnip4 0.01444309
Select BC004044 0.01435492
Select Inpp5a 0.01423487
Select Ogfrl1 0.01418257
Select Tspan33 0.0141051
Select Cova1 0.0137692
Select Cacnb2 0.01366284
Select Elmo1 0.01348553
Select Cit 0.01342106
Select Rora 0.01329136
Select Tnfrsf19l 0.01314372
Select AI836003 0.01289109
Select Cntn4 0.01288974
Select 1600021P15Rik 0.01287296
Select Myo5c 0.01272503
Select Slc17a6 0.01271014
Select Sh3d19 0.01259712
Select A630094N22Rik* 0.01234635
Select Plcb4 0.01232797
Select Nr3c2 0.01222751
Select Gpr123 0.01212068
Select Spock3 0.01192121
Select Epn3 0.01187313
Select Mgat4c 0.01175989
Select Cyp26b1 0.01168431
Select Clmn 0.01148619
Select Unc5c 0.01128849
Select Sema4g 0.01109058
Select Chrnb2 0.0110885