Number of genes: 100 change

Positivity: Positive change

Brain Region: Dorsal part of the lateral geniculate complex change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0045 change

Lambda (actual): 1.267

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Tpd52l1 0.0008334496
Select Tnnt1 0.0004572529
Select Chml 0.0003883267
Select Lef1 0.0002709805
Select Klk8 0.0001952157
Select C130034I18Rik 0.0001693261
Select Pkp2 0.0001505083
Select Rab37 0.0001308239
Select Lct 0.0001279271
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.0001059745
Select Crispld1 6.610145e-05
Select Cova1 2.905666e-05
Select Vipr2 1.876255e-05
Select AA536743 3.272432e-06
Select Ero1lb 1.03096e-06
Select Ifngr2 4.193159e-07
Select B4galt1 2.927589e-07
Select Vangl1 2.888436e-07
Select Adamts19 2.46064e-07
Select Chst2 1.263193e-07
Select C230081A13Rik 8.457887e-08
Select Cachd1 7.850512e-08
Select Amotl1 6.200574e-08
Select Kcnd3 5.814786e-08
Select Ramp3 5.648652e-08
Select Rgs16 5.426557e-08
Select Bok 5.070686e-08
Select 1600021P15Rik 4.761195e-08
Select Echdc2 4.470163e-08
Select Clstn2 4.172044e-08
Select Chrna4 4.009715e-08
Select Tnfrsf19l 3.90223e-08
Select B230218L05Rik 3.763182e-08
Select Grb14 3.688371e-08
Select 6430709H04Rik 2.994553e-08
Select Prkcd 2.570382e-08
Select C630007C17Rik 2.523159e-08
Select Grid2ip 2.515267e-08
Select Camk1d 2.448681e-08
Select Gja7 2.378439e-08
Select Tmem41a 2.207224e-08
Select Apbb2 2.055775e-08
Select Atbf1 1.982951e-08
Select Pdzd8 1.911172e-08
Select Plekha7 1.810837e-08
Select Zmat4 1.774762e-08
Select Gdf11 1.754755e-08
Select Adarb2 1.702478e-08
Select Akap2 1.671165e-08
Select 1810041L15Rik 1.58442e-08
Select Nrip3 1.55761e-08
Select Osbpl5 1.508117e-08
Select Ptpn3 1.467164e-08
Select Anxa5 1.466199e-08
Select 2410066E13Rik 1.462511e-08
Select Lhfp 1.390641e-08
Select Gpr12 1.382417e-08
Select Freq 1.371665e-08
Select Adarb1 1.364328e-08
Select Socs6 1.332124e-08
Select Tcf7l2 1.324294e-08
Select Kitl 1.288992e-08
Select Sptlc2 1.286914e-08
Select LOC433258 1.239331e-08
Select Sh3d19 1.19236e-08
Select Kcnip4 1.19182e-08
Select C630002B14Rik 1.171936e-08
Select Epn3 1.170911e-08
Select Inpp5a 1.153858e-08
Select Sema6a 1.142101e-08
Select Plekhg1 1.095615e-08
Select Tanc1 1.046145e-08
Select 5330421F07Rik 1.024219e-08
Select Homer2 1.003734e-08
Select Gm837 9.436349e-09
Select Gabra4 9.152123e-09
Select mCG142089 8.965726e-09
Select Slc17a6 8.191275e-09
Select BC030477 7.782884e-09
Select AI841794 7.77756e-09
Select Sult1a1 7.646358e-09
Select Tspan33 7.196927e-09
Select 8430415E04Rik 7.079388e-09
Select Pcp4 6.768471e-09
Select Ptpn4 6.580553e-09
Select Ogfrl1 6.458932e-09
Select Sema4g 6.312337e-09
Select Col25a1 5.842504e-09
Select Rora 5.649487e-09
Select Ntng1 5.29783e-09
Select Cit 5.04863e-09
Select Spock3 5.046942e-09
Select Kcnc2 4.821008e-09
Select Plcb4 4.799724e-09
Select Elmo1 4.683699e-09
Select Fryl 4.36844e-09
Select Lrrtm1 4.323332e-09
Select Clmn 3.926129e-09
Select Nefh 3.649471e-09
Select Grm1 3.486343e-09
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Tnnt1 0.10686122
Select Tpd52l1 0.06562168
Select Lef1 0.05702157
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.0560366
Select Amotl1 0.05500529
Select Rab37 0.05253251
Select Prkcd 0.04680905
Select Ero1lb 0.03954101
Select Ramp3 0.0384435
Select Vangl1 0.03790323
Select Rgs16 0.03452957
Select Ptpn3 0.0341765
Select Bok 0.03360979
Select Plekhg1 0.03326528
Select 1810041L15Rik 0.02911093
Select Adarb1 0.02731156
Select Akap2 0.02711403
Select Sh3d19 0.02576979
Select Zmat4 0.02525088
Select C630007C17Rik 0.02507402
Select Tcf7l2 0.02339283
Select Klk8 0.02293089
Select Lct 0.02177126
Select 1600021P15Rik 0.02137444
Select Grid2ip 0.02134473
Select B4galt1 0.02081141
Select Gja7 0.02076366
Select 2410066E13Rik 0.02064344
Select Plekha7 0.0203927
Select Adarb2 0.02038879
Select C230081A13Rik 0.01976689
Select Sptlc2 0.01971629
Select Pkp2 0.01925392
Select Ifngr2 0.01911383
Select Atbf1 0.01901547
Select mCG142089 0.01891087
Select Cachd1 0.01831856
Select Ptpn4 0.01824663
Select Cova1 0.01804164
Select Gabra4 0.01741443
Select Chst2 0.01737286
Select Pdzd8 0.01690595
Select Tanc1 0.01675164
Select Crispld1 0.01665354
Select AI841794 0.01641189
Select Clstn2 0.01612721
Select Adamts19 0.01594285
Select Camk1d 0.01560002
Select Apbb2 0.01508152
Select Rora 0.01456427
Select Mgat4c 0.01443727
Select Ntng1 0.01430281
Select Gucy2c 0.01426841
Select Lhfp 0.01342358
Select Chrna4 0.01328357
Select Eif1b 0.01302708
Select AA536743 0.01282324
Select Kcnc2 0.01269889
Select Nr4a3 0.01262438
Select Lats2 0.01224084
Select Tnfrsf19l 0.0118562
Select Osbpl5 0.01177013
Select Tspan33 0.01170937
Select Kitl 0.01156174
Select Tmem41a 0.01155159
Select 6430709H04Rik 0.0114343
Select Kcnip4 0.01138677
Select Chml 0.01132258
Select Nrip3 0.01121521
Select Cabp7 0.01107724
Select C130034I18Rik 0.01073024
Select Plcb4 0.01069985
Select BC030477 0.01053114
Select Kcnd3 0.01044942
Select B230218L05Rik 0.01041227
Select Sult1a1 0.01037298
Select Slc16a6 0.01020289
Select Grm1 0.0099233
Select Vipr2 0.00988809
Select Socs6 0.00958418
Select C630002B14Rik 0.00955509
Select Inpp5a 0.00930544
Select Anxa5 0.00930241
Select Ncoa4 0.00928243
Select Grb14 0.00922792
Select Iyd 0.0089102
Select Epn3 0.00890311
Select Pcp4 0.00887549
Select Gpr12 0.00883235
Select Robo1 0.00868033
Select Spock3 0.00860508
Select Ogfrl1 0.00852425
Select Homer2 0.00850894
Select Freq 0.00847537
Select Nrp1 0.00842621
Select Echdc2 0.00842513
Select Clmn 0.00828867
Select Sema4g 0.00821973
Select Lrrtm1 0.00821544
Select Sema6a 0.00820745