Number of genes: 10 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Dorsal part of the lateral geniculate complex change

Lambda multiplier: 0.6000 change

Lambda (actual): 168.9379

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Prkcd 0.0001226371
Select Ptpn3 4.932651e-07
Select 1110069I04Rik* 1.247299e-07
Select Ramp3 9.155369e-08
Select Tnnt1 7.563658e-08
Select Lef1 5.108933e-08
Select Amotl1 4.366747e-08
Select Rab37 4.349598e-08
Select Tpd52l1 1.807126e-08
Select Ero1lb 1.200557e-08
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Tnnt1 0.10686122
Select Tpd52l1 0.06562168
Select Lef1 0.05702157
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.0560366
Select Amotl1 0.05500529
Select Rab37 0.05253251
Select Prkcd 0.04680905
Select Ero1lb 0.03954101
Select Ramp3 0.0384435
Select Vangl1 0.03790323