Number of genes: 20 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Ventral part of the lateral geniculate complex change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0300 change

Lambda (actual): 8.0836

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Agxt2l1 0.001078133
Select Plekhg1 0.0007776715
Select Hsd11b1 0.0001663295
Select Mtrr 0.0001643024
Select Col25a1 3.63214e-05
Select Gfap 1.824092e-05
Select Gad2 1.132214e-05
Select Anxa3 4.145172e-07
Select Gatm 5.576934e-08
Select Ramp3 2.857777e-08
Select Plxnb3 -2.193065e-08
Select Aspa -6.743061e-08
Select Bok -1.472492e-07
Select Serpinf1 -1.683323e-07
Select Vangl1 -2.147304e-07
Select BC030477 -4.919857e-07
Select Clmn -0.0001071674
Select Sema6a -0.0001578679
Select Atbf1 -0.0002386078
Select Akap2 -0.0003422757
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Agxt2l1 0.1348847
Select Plekhg1 0.04569143
Select Anxa3 0.02566305
Select Hsd11b1 0.02054674
Select Bok 0.01502355
Select Ramp3 0.01308695
Select Vangl1 0.01163365
Select Akap2 0.01161553
Select Clmn 0.01064812
Select Tpd52l1 0.00840105
Select Mtrr 0.00800949
Select Ttn 0.00796311
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.00793445
Select Ifngr2 0.00762175
Select Mas1 0.00731319
Select Col25a1 0.00629393
Select Prkcd 0.00629044
Select Serpinf1 0.00599395
Select Gad2 0.00577503
Select Lef1 0.0057377