Number of genes: 200 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Ventral part of the lateral geniculate complex change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0075 change

Lambda (actual): 2.2586

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Agxt2l1 0.001828572
Select Plekhg1 0.001174386
Select Anxa3 0.0007211168
Select Hsd11b1 0.0005896416
Select Mtrr 0.0004086817
Select Ramp3 0.0004015354
Select Mas1 0.0003824988
Select Plcl1 0.0003047684
Select Tmem22 0.0002712478
Select Akap2 0.0002673788
Select Aspa 0.0002182529
Select Clmn 0.000212766
Select Dhrs7 0.0002005634
Select Gatm 0.0001661234
Select Ublcp1 0.0001606828
Select 1700001E04Rik 0.0001394118
Select Setd5 0.0001381302
Select Ache 0.0001354228
Select Col25a1 0.000130457
Select Btbd11 0.0001174186
Select AI836003 0.0001062973
Select Pnoc 0.0001011152
Select Atp5j 9.645575e-05
Select Lgi3 9.58283e-05
Select Tm2d3 9.147977e-05
Select Fa2h 8.988658e-05
Select Csdc2 8.731073e-05
Select Gad2 8.54921e-05
Select Ntng1 8.543994e-05
Select Clstn2 8.353844e-05
Select BC030477 8.150063e-05
Select Slc44a1 7.41793e-05
Select Serpinf1 6.748716e-05
Select A030009H04Rik 6.641793e-05
Select Gfap 6.588946e-05
Select Kitl 6.340824e-05
Select Slc1a2 6.17142e-05
Select Resp18 5.803336e-05
Select Vamp1 5.473114e-05
Select Arhgef10 5.242932e-05
Select Tmem130 5.197992e-05
Select Adamts19 5.00832e-05
Select Chrm2 4.974744e-05
Select Cntn6 4.910644e-05
Select Agt 4.659554e-05
Select C030002O17Rik 4.47351e-05
Select Cntn4 4.316158e-05
Select BC005764 4.025929e-05
Select Slc32a1 3.954714e-05
Select Tpm3 3.933992e-05
Select Grb14 3.520081e-05
Select Col16a1 3.514936e-05
Select Map2k6 3.428288e-05
Select Bok 3.308856e-05
Select Hs6st2 2.947608e-05
Select Pnkd 2.891128e-05
Select Bnip3 2.795116e-05
Select Amph 2.728711e-05
Select Pcsk1n 2.680312e-05
Select B230209C24Rik 2.658266e-05
Select Rasgrf1 2.5042e-05
Select Ptchd1 2.301686e-05
Select Fbxo44 2.2034e-05
Select Cpne7 1.88632e-05
Select Nifun 1.674367e-05
Select Ugt8a 1.505602e-05
Select Nefh 1.178028e-05
Select Cldn11 1.05012e-05
Select Pi4k2a 9.3145e-06
Select Hcn2 7.887294e-06
Select Plp1 7.091832e-06
Select D130072O21Rik 6.020528e-06
Select Sod1 5.670612e-06
Select Tspan2 5.239734e-06
Select Scd1 5.110072e-06
Select Rab3c 4.214682e-06
Select Tcf7l2 3.522934e-06
Select Spock3 1.475942e-06
Select Impact 1.124515e-06
Select Osbpl9 6.539526e-07
Select Adamts8 2.919215e-07
Select 1110069I04Rik* 2.0913e-07
Select TC1410973 1.612017e-07
Select Sema6a 1.048972e-07
Select Bad 9.475163e-08
Select C630007C17Rik 8.44796e-08
Select Nrsn2 8.271584e-08
Select Vangl1 7.995845e-08
Select Nap1l5 7.708034e-08
Select Tmem159 3.043002e-08
Select Plxnb3 2.970923e-08
Select Fign 2.890413e-08
Select Mmel1 2.853138e-08
Select Disp2 2.762311e-08
Select Zmat4 2.340373e-08
Select Ttn 2.301581e-08
Select Pcdh11x 2.299811e-08
Select Sypl 1.81667e-08
Select Galnt6 1.793352e-08
Select Anln 1.156687e-08
Select Eef2 1.153611e-08
Select Elovl1 1.100803e-08
Select Ttbk2 1.762759e-09
Select Atbf1 -1.303797e-09
Select Pdzd8 -2.12907e-09
Select Slc9a2 -8.188938e-09
Select Plekha7 -1.495464e-08
Select 6330503K22Rik -2.341136e-08
Select Slc8a3 -2.589927e-08
Select Pkia -2.888684e-08
Select Sbf1 -3.003657e-08
Select Grid2ip -4.346893e-08
Select Usp48 -4.36173e-08
Select Col15a1 -5.56422e-08
Select Fstl1 -5.906688e-08
Select Chrna4 -7.03141e-08
Select Slc12a2 -7.45555e-08
Select Vps39 -7.592233e-08
Select Serpinb1c -8.158671e-08
Select 1810030J14Rik -9.719075e-08
Select Bckdhb -2.619257e-07
Select S100a16 -3.358699e-07
Select Utp14b -3.415828e-07
Select 2610019F03Rik -3.492119e-07
Select Ifngr2 -3.923019e-07
Select Tcf25 -5.458643e-07
Select Gsn -6.973534e-07
Select Arrdc3 -1.586523e-06
Select Scarb2 -1.598299e-06
Select Zcchc12 -1.624576e-06
Select Mcam -2.395466e-06
Select Sgcd -4.8584e-06
Select Enpp2 -5.320189e-06
Select Fgf13 -6.451718e-06
Select St8sia1 -6.6404e-06
Select 2010008E23Rik -6.826009e-06
Select Pnpo -7.542149e-06
Select Tspyl4 -1.054022e-05
Select Podxl2 -1.063897e-05
Select Sacm1l -1.071108e-05
Select Gpr37 -1.11917e-05
Select Sfn -1.126296e-05
Select Ina -1.265245e-05
Select Gad1 -1.313485e-05
Select Atp5a1 -1.6619e-05
Select Ndn -2.182723e-05
Select Ywhab -2.387919e-05
Select Ppm1g -2.626089e-05
Select Dbi -2.826826e-05
Select Cd81 -2.90104e-05
Select Maged2 -3.183231e-05
Select Rcn2 -3.193199e-05
Select Rnf13 -3.273123e-05
Select Phactr4 -3.283166e-05
Select Scd3 -3.287619e-05
Select Fndc4 -3.496408e-05
Select Ndufb8 -3.500737e-05
Select Uqcrfs1 -3.780441e-05
Select Plxdc2 -3.842932e-05
Select Cygb -3.926735e-05
Select Car2 -4.451942e-05
Select Ptgds -4.885518e-05
Select Rassf8 -4.932112e-05
Select Prdx5 -4.978068e-05
Select Daam2 -5.047425e-05
Select Gprc5b -5.195464e-05
Select Plekhb1 -5.509314e-05
Select Sema6d -5.673856e-05
Select 4632411B12Rik -5.938765e-05
Select Fabp5 -6.093629e-05
Select Rps21 -6.182029e-05
Select Mtap4 -6.320749e-05
Select Acsl3 -6.489959e-05
Select Fndc5 -6.873615e-05
Select D830030K20Rik -7.205204e-05
Select Gjb6 -7.415728e-05
Select Rora -7.513372e-05
Select Cib2 -7.578855e-05
Select Cit -7.930249e-05
Select Pdxk -8.503744e-05
Select Adarb1 -8.594075e-05
Select Cnp1 -9.088794e-05
Select Efnb3 -9.123968e-05
Select Bcat1 -9.496528e-05
Select Grsf1 -9.580409e-05
Select Scd2 -9.803793e-05
Select Txndc13 -0.0001002701
Select Chst2 -0.0001047432
Select Kcnc2 -0.0001070666
Select Zfhx4 -0.0001311162
Select Ptpn3 -0.0001476233
Select TC1568600 -0.0001568272
Select Inpp4b -0.0001762643
Select Tpd52l1 -0.0001837694
Select Sema4g -0.0002121538
Select Rab37 -0.0002689941
Select 1810041L15Rik -0.0003065346
Select Prkcd -0.0003088715
Select Ece2 -0.000353563
Select Lef1 -0.000543773
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Agxt2l1 0.1348847
Select Plekhg1 0.04569143
Select Anxa3 0.02566305
Select Hsd11b1 0.02054674
Select Bok 0.01502355
Select Ramp3 0.01308695
Select Vangl1 0.01163365
Select Akap2 0.01161553
Select Clmn 0.01064812
Select Tpd52l1 0.00840105
Select Mtrr 0.00800949
Select Ttn 0.00796311
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.00793445
Select Ifngr2 0.00762175
Select Mas1 0.00731319
Select Col25a1 0.00629393
Select Prkcd 0.00629044
Select Serpinf1 0.00599395
Select Gad2 0.00577503
Select Lef1 0.0057377
Select Clstn2 0.0055229
Select Tmem159 0.00546133
Select Adamts19 0.00544588
Select Fign 0.0052
Select Atbf1 0.00514186
Select Gfap 0.00509421
Select Slc9a2 0.00502676
Select Anxa4 0.00502079
Select Plxnb3 0.00497096
Select Gatm 0.00491915
Select Plekha7 0.00487059
Select BC030477 0.00475389
Select 1700001E04Rik 0.00472356
Select Aspa 0.0045319
Select LOC545352 0.00448359
Select Ptpn3 0.00442303
Select Cpne7 0.0044085
Select Sema6a 0.00436345
Select Ntng1 0.00427429
Select Lgi3 0.00427398
Select Ostf1 0.00426484
Select Grb14 0.00425724
Select Zmat4 0.00425128
Select Grid2ip 0.00423039
Select Agt 0.00422438
Select Cib2 0.00412029
Select Dhrs7 0.00405494
Select Rab37 0.00400681
Select Adarb1 0.00394049
Select Pkp2 0.00391526
Select Pcdh11x 0.00383592
Select Atp5j 0.00383586
Select Fndc5 0.0037626
Select Pnoc 0.00375818
Select 2610019F03Rik 0.00373019
Select Slc44a1 0.00361475
Select Tcf7l2 0.00354473
Select Tmem22 0.0035371
Select TC1461568 0.0035355
Select Setd5 0.00352029
Select Slc32a1 0.00350515
Select Gsto1 0.00349857
Select Cntn6 0.00347172
Select 1810041L15Rik 0.00346534
Select Og9x 0.0033297
Select Ugt8a 0.00328535
Select Tspan2 0.00326971
Select Csdc2 0.0032605
Select A030009H04Rik 0.0032218
Select Usp48 0.00320132
Select Chst2 0.00316634
Select Gjb6 0.00312384
Select Resp18 0.00307416
Select Inpp4b 0.00306389
Select Sfn 0.00306106
Select Tm2d3 0.0030495
Select Mmel1 0.00304798
Select Cntn4 0.00304159
Select Cldn11 0.00300264
Select Amph 0.0029983
Select C630007C17Rik 0.00299414
Select Rassf8 0.0029907
Select Osbpl9 0.00298356
Select Spock3 0.00297796
Select Maged2 0.00295429
Select Gad1 0.00290132
Select Pkia 0.00289932
Select AI836003 0.00289239
Select Ache 0.00288112
Select Nrsn2 0.00285599
Select Hiatl1 0.00285475
Select Btbd11 0.00284949
Select Yeats2 0.00282895
Select Adamts8 0.00282888
Select Sema4g 0.00282784
Select 6330503K22Rik 0.00281309
Select Kitl 0.00280855
Select Galnt6 0.00279812
Select Tmem130 0.00278315
Select Ptgds 0.0027632
Select Car2 0.00275635
Select Kcnc2 0.00271326
Select 2010008E23Rik 0.00269639
Select Elovl1 0.00268827
Select TC1410973 0.00268698
Select Ptchd1 0.00265538
Select Plxdc2 0.00261173
Select Gpr37 0.00261102
Select Tpm3 0.00261042
Select Slc1a2 0.00260163
Select Arhgef10 0.00259979
Select Vamp1 0.00259485
Select BC005764 0.00258438
Select Slc8a3 0.00257432
Select Mtap4 0.00255829
Select Plcl1 0.0025576
Select Cygb 0.00252643
Select Sgcd 0.00251825
Select C030002O17Rik 0.00250628
Select Plp1 0.00250163
Select Crispld1 0.00248726
Select Bad 0.00248083
Select D230050A05 0.00245658
Select Col16a1 0.00243151
Select Podxl2 0.00241241
Select Sh3d19 0.00239866
Select Fbxo44 0.00237969
Select Hcn2 0.0023733
Select Fa2h 0.00236055
Select Grsf1 0.00235724
Select Hs6st2 0.00235668
Select Pygb 0.00235397
Select Arrdc3 0.00234541
Select Nova1 0.00233675
Select Rab3c 0.00231589
Select Clic6 0.00229067
Select Vps39 0.00228362
Select Nifun 0.00227502
Select Rnf13 0.00226909
Select Scd1 0.00224207
Select Cit 0.00221907
Select Klk8 0.00220766
Select Gpr12 0.00220359
Select Fgf13 0.00219264
Select Rora 0.00218766
Select LOC433093 0.00218704
Select Map2k6 0.00218227
Select Ublcp1 0.00216064
Select Zcchc12 0.00216037
Select Plekhb1 0.00213936
Select Tcf25 0.00212986
Select Bckdhb 0.00211842
Select Gsn 0.00210772
Select Zfhx4 0.00209068
Select B230209C24Rik 0.00208913
Select Uqcrfs1 0.00207848
Select Echdc2 0.00207598
Select Scarb2 0.00207515
Select Glrx 0.00205916
Select Cnp1 0.00205491
Select Rab12 0.0020493
Select Rasgrf1 0.00204464
Select Utp14b 0.00201282
Select Ndn 0.00200472
Select Pdxk 0.00198818
Select TC1568600 0.00198583
Select D130072O21Rik 0.00198455
Select Chrna4 0.00197996
Select Lhfpl3 0.00197701
Select Tspan18 0.0019682
Select B4galt1 0.00196356
Select Prdx5 0.00195477
Select Pnpo 0.00194769
Select Tacr1 0.00194372
Select BC032265 0.00194301
Select Guk1 0.00193995
Select Slc39a3 0.00192816
Select Col15a1 0.00192405
Select Ece2 0.00192229
Select Eef2 0.00192177
Select Pi4k2a 0.0019198
Select Magel2 0.00191765
Select Pcsk1n 0.00191337
Select Sod1 0.00190262
Select AI841794 0.00187714
Select D830030K20Rik 0.00187573
Select Nefh 0.00186003
Select Ube3c 0.00185068
Select Impact 0.00184949
Select Pnkd 0.00184271
Select Nap1l5 0.0018413
Select Lrrn2 0.00183728
Select Ppm1g 0.00183139
Select Sema6d 0.00179992
Select C530008M17Rik 0.00179917
Select Ndufb8 0.00179664
Select Centg3 0.00179263
Select Rcn2 0.00179234
Select Cd81 0.0017881
Select Glipr1 0.00178555