Number of genes: 20 change

Positivity: Positive change

Brain Region: Lateral posterior nucleus of the thalamus change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0020 change

Lambda (actual): 0.6015

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Rnf19 0.001625774
Select Rgs16 0.0004937385
Select Slc29a1 0.0003541499
Select Ramp3 0.000319778
Select Tnnt1 0.000136772
Select Tcf7l2 2.749577e-05
Select Amotl1 2.461688e-07
Select Lef1 2.020747e-07
Select 1810041L15Rik 6.804997e-08
Select Akap2 6.289424e-08
Select Bok 6.183001e-08
Select 1110069I04Rik* 6.100075e-08
Select Adarb2 5.996027e-08
Select 2410066E13Rik 4.563914e-08
Select Prkcd 4.060578e-08
Select Adarb1 3.893528e-08
Select Ptpn3 3.253373e-08
Select AI841794 3.22358e-08
Select Ntng1 3.184436e-08
Select Sh3d19 2.94262e-08
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Tnnt1 0.07874325
Select Ramp3 0.07091335
Select Rgs16 0.06744542
Select Rnf19 0.05979641
Select Lct 0.05894341
Select Slc29a1 0.05197676
Select Lef1 0.05064037
Select Amotl1 0.04983646
Select Tcf7l2 0.04562667
Select Tnip2 0.03986608
Select A330019N05Rik 0.03839622
Select 1810041L15Rik 0.03529999
Select Prkcd 0.03413134
Select 2310042E22Rik 0.03164186
Select Extl3 0.03104969
Select Akap2 0.03053075
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.02919588
Select Ptpn3 0.02765134
Select Ntng1 0.02361593
Select Pitpnm2 0.02243724