Number of genes: 20 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Nucleus of the lateral lemniscus change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0300 change

Lambda (actual): 6.3061

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Zfp260 0.001208256
Select Uaca 0.0002948054
Select Serpinb1c 0.0002408499
Select Aldh1a2 0.0001752553
Select Kiss1r 0.0001049389
Select Glra1 9.647942e-05
Select Klk6 7.58444e-05
Select Fbln1 5.2576e-05
Select Ephb1 3.189385e-05
Select Gfap 1.77397e-05
Select Cmtm3 9.591003e-06
Select Stk24 1.293863e-06
Select Lhfpl3 5.570074e-08
Select Ldlrap1 5.053283e-08
Select Galnt6 -5.759095e-08
Select Kcnip1 -9.277544e-08
Select Pacs2 -8.353251e-06
Select Anxa5 -8.76633e-05
Select Map2k6 -9.921914e-05
Select Anln -0.0001085919
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Zfp260 0.28994888
Select Uaca 0.04372731
Select Svil 0.02483172
Select Anxa1 0.02314997
Select Htr1a 0.02258551
Select Stk24 0.02138109
Select Aldh1a2 0.01806501
Select Fbln1 0.017592
Select Kiss1r 0.01723964
Select Bmp7 0.01689508
Select Gpr116 0.01632473
Select Lhfpl3 0.01392761
Select Cmtm3 0.01295393
Select Ldlrap1 0.01168449
Select Shb 0.01163354
Select Cyr61 0.0115717
Select Gfap 0.01108014
Select Kcnip1 0.01024048
Select Klk6 0.00948654
Select Rasa4 0.0093872