Number of genes: 200 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Nucleus of the lateral lemniscus change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0090 change

Lambda (actual): 3.3005

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Zfp260 0.001786845
Select Cyr61 0.0004555014
Select Uaca 0.0003787817
Select Fbln1 0.0003693535
Select Kiss1r 0.0003279038
Select 1700001E04Rik 0.0002665652
Select Aldh1a2 0.0002448827
Select Cmtm3 0.0002422497
Select Agt 0.0002129048
Select Glra1 0.0001927725
Select Svil 0.0001852132
Select Serpinb1c 0.0001836092
Select Sema7a 0.0001729344
Select Daf2 0.0001717289
Select Sema6a 0.0001680464
Select Rnd2 0.0001666456
Select Htr1a 0.0001622293
Select Stk24 0.0001555994
Select Rps12 0.0001525644
Select Lhx5 0.0001508536
Select Gabrq 0.0001477514
Select Anxa1 0.0001473486
Select Lgi3 0.0001395873
Select Cyp27a1 0.0001386924
Select Scrt1 0.0001311845
Select Ache 0.000120398
Select Pvalb 0.0001049656
Select Rgs10 9.434647e-05
Select Agtrl1 8.809084e-05
Select Ephb1 8.433666e-05
Select Rnf13 7.816809e-05
Select Cygb 7.813556e-05
Select Gatm 7.396118e-05
Select Kcnip1 5.978261e-05
Select Lhfpl3 5.33386e-05
Select Atbf1 5.318569e-05
Select Daam2 5.274157e-05
Select Cyp51 4.938716e-05
Select A030009H04Rik 4.840606e-05
Select Elmo1 4.730992e-05
Select Anxa5 4.66239e-05
Select Tmem130 4.544172e-05
Select Prmt2 4.293137e-05
Select Podxl2 3.816801e-05
Select Cnp1 3.463976e-05
Select Car2 3.310789e-05
Select LOC381076 2.856654e-05
Select Plp1 2.682083e-05
Select Bcat1 2.406663e-05
Select Hs6st2 1.954356e-05
Select Rapgef4 1.805965e-05
Select Plekhb1 1.679465e-05
Select Tubb4 1.378439e-05
Select BC030477 1.23404e-05
Select Gpr165 1.207874e-05
Select Slc44a1 1.110301e-05
Select B630019K06Rik 1.101896e-05
Select B230209C24Rik 1.09611e-05
Select Pex2 9.107292e-06
Select Skiv2l2 8.131837e-06
Select Anln 5.578186e-06
Select Enpp2 4.623937e-06
Select Htr2c 1.655934e-06
Select Gpc5 1.008054e-06
Select Cldn11 9.375733e-07
Select Tgif 6.698126e-07
Select C1r 6.67011e-07
Select Cst3 6.21753e-07
Select Klk6 5.733144e-07
Select Cotl1 5.613999e-07
Select Dip2a 4.039155e-07
Select Slc6a11 3.200761e-07
Select Ublcp1 2.479757e-07
Select Pfkfb3 1.906297e-07
Select Opn1sw 1.74148e-07
Select AI836003 1.737565e-07
Select Chrm2 1.271368e-07
Select Ldlrap1 1.26768e-07
Select Map2k6 1.208722e-07
Select Gdap10 1.159447e-07
Select Pacs2 6.093151e-08
Select Klhl1 5.100453e-08
Select Galnt6 5.016525e-08
Select Tbp 4.610236e-08
Select Endod1 4.409935e-08
Select 2700038N03Rik 4.381512e-08
Select Sypl 4.370552e-08
Select Fa2h 4.284692e-08
Select Cacna2d2 3.713297e-08
Select Slc6a9 3.108427e-08
Select Blcap 2.861034e-08
Select Ttn 2.04589e-08
Select Ltbp3 1.970989e-08
Select Cd9 1.823083e-08
Select Cops4 1.650614e-08
Select Btbd14a 1.534944e-08
Select 6330503K22Rik 1.454526e-08
Select Mmel1 1.432244e-08
Select Fts 1.369395e-08
Select Plxnb3 1.1908e-08
Select Sfrp1 1.002134e-08
Select Slc12a2 9.532863e-09
Select Cubn 8.820466e-09
Select Mtrr 4.97292e-09
Select Mcam 3.265957e-09
Select Bmp7 3.826341e-10
Select Gng11 -1.997101e-09
Select TC1563370 -2.198337e-09
Select Itgb1 -3.329353e-09
Select Tbl3 -4.904869e-09
Select 4632411B12Rik -7.427985e-09
Select Ugt8a -7.753768e-09
Select Edg2 -7.781163e-09
Select Gpr116 -7.910371e-09
Select Dbi -1.183884e-08
Select Ldlr -1.315712e-08
Select Eif5a2 -1.522631e-08
Select Elovl1 -1.674852e-08
Select Rpp25 -1.937785e-08
Select Vamp1 -1.981631e-08
Select LOC434236 -2.339206e-08
Select Pmp22 -2.479143e-08
Select Serinc5 -2.525088e-08
Select Zfhx4 -3.733119e-08
Select Insig1 -3.73629e-08
Select Shb -3.826283e-08
Select 3632451O06Rik -4.266845e-08
Select 2700055K07Rik -5.02681e-08
Select Elovl5 -5.210143e-08
Select Pigp -6.139585e-08
Select Aspa -9.620756e-08
Select Clic4 -1.284504e-07
Select Bckdhb -1.377583e-07
Select Hba-a1 -1.443365e-07
Select Sgpp2 -2.664236e-07
Select Dexi -2.933314e-07
Select Pde3a -5.075709e-07
Select Nap1l5 -6.634938e-07
Select Syt2 -1.115581e-06
Select Gsn -1.365e-06
Select Zfyve9 -2.903386e-06
Select Cib2 -3.014156e-06
Select Slc2a1 -3.765063e-06
Select Scd3 -4.026438e-06
Select Scarb2 -8.869511e-06
Select Arhgef10 -9.290833e-06
Select Nifun -9.707868e-06
Select Col11a1 -1.041643e-05
Select St8sia1 -1.174394e-05
Select Slc39a14 -1.285733e-05
Select Lgi2 -1.390436e-05
Select Gprc5b -1.412149e-05
Select Sirt2 -1.475118e-05
Select Rcn2 -1.58072e-05
Select TC1568600 -2.133406e-05
Select Ptgds -2.240479e-05
Select Gfap -2.386896e-05
Select Pcsk1n -2.42643e-05
Select Nefh -2.551243e-05
Select Maged2 -2.654121e-05
Select Tspan2 -2.873576e-05
Select Slc17a6 -3.015176e-05
Select Glul -3.047917e-05
Select Atp8a2 -3.049437e-05
Select Mbp -3.180562e-05
Select Sparc -3.233221e-05
Select Scd2 -3.324093e-05
Select Kif5a -3.631612e-05
Select Sv2c -3.683064e-05
Select Sez6l2 -3.831531e-05
Select Arl2 -3.842162e-05
Select Slc19a1 -3.981801e-05
Select Ctsl -4.137381e-05
Select Lpin1 -4.745633e-05
Select Scd1 -4.817659e-05
Select Fabp5 -5.085442e-05
Select Pnkd -5.291036e-05
Select Dedd -5.310642e-05
Select Adssl1 -5.561025e-05
Select S100a16 -5.916519e-05
Select Resp18 -6.091877e-05
Select Ttbk2 -6.613467e-05
Select TC1410973 -6.773292e-05
Select Sqle -6.836073e-05
Select Pla2g7 -6.948166e-05
Select Kctd9 -7.269368e-05
Select Tulp4 -7.477449e-05
Select S100b -7.573317e-05
Select Cd81 -7.844194e-05
Select D830030K20Rik -8.48805e-05
Select D330001F17Rik -8.760225e-05
Select Arrdc3 -0.0001002504
Select Spp1 -0.0001018764
Select Ndufs1 -0.0001112963
Select Ank1 -0.0001157689
Select 2900042E01Rik -0.0001168052
Select C4b -0.0001272984
Select Osbpl9 -0.0001329674
Select Bcan -0.0001358784
Select Ece2 -0.0001902846
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Zfp260 0.28994888
Select Uaca 0.04372731
Select Svil 0.02483172
Select Anxa1 0.02314997
Select Htr1a 0.02258551
Select Stk24 0.02138109
Select Aldh1a2 0.01806501
Select Fbln1 0.017592
Select Kiss1r 0.01723964
Select Bmp7 0.01689508
Select Gpr116 0.01632473
Select Lhfpl3 0.01392761
Select Cmtm3 0.01295393
Select Ldlrap1 0.01168449
Select Shb 0.01163354
Select Cyr61 0.0115717
Select Gfap 0.01108014
Select Kcnip1 0.01024048
Select Klk6 0.00948654
Select Rasa4 0.0093872
Select Gabrq 0.00915147
Select Ttn 0.00891895
Select Scml2 0.00885017
Select Agt 0.00883387
Select Lhx5 0.00871023
Select Serpinb1c 0.0083491
Select Glra1 0.00824281
Select Anln 0.00804183
Select Sema7a 0.0080315
Select Scrt1 0.00772873
Select Ldlr 0.00772319
Select Rapgef4 0.00755516
Select Klhl1 0.00752798
Select Prkg2 0.00752065
Select C4b 0.00745048
Select Anxa5 0.00737336
Select Ephb1 0.00736445
Select TC1563370 0.0072384
Select Pmp22 0.0071152
Select Pvalb 0.00710438
Select Rnd2 0.00682511
Select Gng11 0.00672194
Select Pacs2 0.00666099
Select B630019K06Rik 0.00665
Select Agtrl1 0.00663544
Select Slc6a9 0.00655657
Select Galnt6 0.00648117
Select Gpc5 0.00645681
Select Map2k6 0.00643553
Select Slc6a5 0.00642055
Select Lgi3 0.00641996
Select Slc44a1 0.00640535
Select Cyp27a1 0.00631428
Select Plekhb1 0.00629852
Select Gatm 0.00624804
Select Cnp1 0.00615631
Select Sypl 0.00615023
Select Daf2 0.00614838
Select Rfx4 0.00614538
Select Edg2 0.00614111
Select Rgs10 0.00609369
Select 2700055K07Rik 0.00598993
Select Tubb4 0.00597987
Select Gpr3 0.00596313
Select Crsp7 0.00593048
Select C1r 0.00590028
Select Tgif 0.00581167
Select Fts 0.00580747
Select Mtrr 0.00580283
Select Rps12 0.00575505
Select Ddc 0.00574574
Select Ptgds 0.00574337
Select Slc39a14 0.00574102
Select 1700001E04Rik 0.00566249
Select Spp1 0.00563873
Select Rnf13 0.00563133
Select Slc17a6 0.00560391
Select Myl4 0.00559577
Select Fa2h 0.00555557
Select Ache 0.00553901
Select Thbs2 0.00553114
Select Car2 0.00550538
Select Ublcp1 0.00540993
Select Mycl1 0.00538744
Select Eif5a2 0.00534489
Select Slc19a1 0.00531419
Select Cygb 0.00527849
Select Slc12a2 0.00526212
Select Plxnb3 0.00525191
Select Tbp 0.0052414
Select Itgb1 0.00520103
Select A030009H04Rik 0.00518907
Select Gdap10 0.00515259
Select Cacna2d2 0.00513138
Select Cldn11 0.00509162
Select Ugt8a 0.00508045
Select Dexi 0.00506157
Select Gsn 0.00504671
Select Hba-a1 0.00492608
Select Bckdhb 0.00492465
Select Ltbp3 0.00489548
Select LOC381076 0.00487892
Select Sema6a 0.00485982
Select Gpr165 0.00479247
Select Hrh2 0.0046784
Select Endod1 0.0046667
Select Atbf1 0.0046476
Select Hs6st2 0.00462265
Select Zfhx4 0.00458914
Select Elovl1 0.0044931
Select Zfyve9 0.00446378
Select Zfpm2 0.00439441
Select Gprc5b 0.00437466
Select Btbd14a 0.00436405
Select Daam2 0.00435674
Select Bcat1 0.00434947
Select Isyna1 0.00434787
Select Kctd9 0.00434624
Select Nefh 0.00433225
Select Mcam 0.00430471
Select Insig1 0.00430093
Select Skiv2l2 0.00427858
Select Cd9 0.0042695
Select Podxl2 0.00420308
Select Sfrp1 0.00418459
Select Slc7a3 0.00416543
Select Tbl3 0.00404406
Select Cib2 0.0040436
Select Maged2 0.00403719
Select Tspan2 0.00402176
Select Glul 0.00401951
Select C230030N03Rik 0.00401392
Select Nr1d2 0.00400867
Select BC030477 0.00400273
Select Sparc 0.00395922
Select Adssl1 0.00394979
Select Nenf 0.00393384
Select S100a16 0.00393168
Select Thbd 0.00392526
Select 2700038N03Rik 0.00392332
Select TC1410973 0.00392184
Select Plp1 0.00391865
Select S100b 0.00390724
Select Elovl5 0.00390465
Select Cubn 0.00387811
Select Resp18 0.0038597
Select TC1568600 0.00384337
Select Prmt2 0.0038405
Select 3632451O06Rik 0.0038359
Select Sgpp2 0.00383144
Select Dip2a 0.00382994
Select Slc10a4 0.00382293
Select Lgi2 0.00381496
Select Nifun 0.00381426
Select B230209C24Rik 0.00380483
Select Plxdc1 0.00380368
Select Mmel1 0.00379049
Select Sema3f 0.00376575
Select AI836003 0.00368283
Select Tmem130 0.0036645
Select D830030K20Rik 0.00364687
Select Slc6a11 0.00361954
Select Atp8a2 0.00361755
Select 2310003H01Rik 0.00360043
Select Scarb2 0.00358979
Select Scd2 0.00358267
Select mCG147223 0.00358196
Select Tulp4 0.00356914
Select Glra3 0.00355494
Select Vamp1 0.00353063
Select LOC434236 0.00352336
Select Ttbk2 0.00346323
Select Cops4 0.00345927
Select Lpin1 0.00343284
Select D330001F17Rik 0.00341524
Select Mbp 0.00340499
Select Clic4 0.00340457
Select 4632411B12Rik 0.00340282
Select Hbb-b2 0.00338766
Select Rcn2 0.0033757
Select Chrm2 0.00337533
Select 4732455O04Rik* 0.00334043
Select Pde3a 0.00333541
Select Arl2 0.00332869
Select Sv2c 0.00331206
Select TC1563688 0.00330935
Select Gdpd2 0.00330579
Select Cyp51 0.00328483
Select Cotl1 0.00328317
Select Htr2c 0.00327971
Select Rpp25 0.00325998
Select Opn1sw 0.00325867
Select Syt2 0.00325482
Select Alkbh6 0.00325175
Select Sez6l2 0.00324229
Select Pcdh11x 0.00323609
Select Scd3 0.003229
Select 6430502M16Rik 0.00322828
Select Nrsn2 0.0032267
Select Slc2a1 0.00322301