Number of genes: 50 change

Positivity: Positive change

Brain Region: Nucleus of the lateral olfactory tract change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0060 change

Lambda (actual): 1.2938

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select P2ry14 0.0003669731
Select Cyp26b1 0.0002794957
Select Ebf4 0.0002621271
Select Synpr 0.0002366734
Select 2310015N21Rik 9.503906e-05
Select Zim1 2.814829e-06
Select Baiap3 2.558026e-06
Select Pcdh11x 3.44667e-07
Select B830045N13Rik 3.253189e-07
Select Sgcd 2.847862e-07
Select Sema3a 2.245887e-07
Select Lum 2.010814e-07
Select St6gal1 1.862038e-07
Select Allc 1.545985e-07
Select Fabp3 1.524496e-07
Select Glra3 1.343812e-07
Select Frrs1 1.252755e-07
Select Plekha7 1.188009e-07
Select Scn5a 1.051291e-07
Select 9330132E09Rik 1.029754e-07
Select Pnck 8.352437e-08
Select Dach1 8.338515e-08
Select Fras1 6.647389e-08
Select Kiss1r 5.562431e-08
Select Tmem65 5.268761e-08
Select Cmtm4 4.907679e-08
Select Cdo1 4.101266e-08
Select Ankrd50 3.775192e-08
Select Htr2c 3.738572e-08
Select Gpr171 3.667814e-08
Select Col11a1 3.372318e-08
Select Slc31a1 2.908447e-08
Select Hap1 2.797228e-08
Select Lypd1 2.483857e-08
Select Grin3a 2.426208e-08
Select B230120H23Rik 2.348125e-08
Select Adcyap1 2.278178e-08
Select Pim2 1.85392e-08
Select Fhl1 1.7219e-08
Select Sema6d 1.583214e-08
Select Gpc1 1.563841e-08
Select Efnb2 1.46878e-08
Select Scg2 1.366754e-08
Select Erbb4 1.339826e-08
Select Npc2 1.230026e-08
Select Pxn 9.429623e-09
Select Nfxl1 8.783026e-09
Select Rprm 8.203158e-09
Select Marcksl1 8.167705e-09
Select BC027127 7.127029e-09
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Synpr 0.05383976
Select Cyp26b1 0.03970494
Select P2ry14 0.02196816
Select Sgcd 0.01993282
Select Sema3a 0.01808411
Select Fras1 0.01513334
Select Allc 0.01491093
Select 2310015N21Rik 0.01424285
Select Lypd1 0.01411263
Select B830045N13Rik 0.0139465
Select Tmem65 0.01261657
Select Pnck 0.01246242
Select Ebf4 0.01141905
Select Nfxl1 0.01063156
Select St6gal1 0.01032501
Select Scg2 0.00940234
Select Hap1 0.00923801
Select B230120H23Rik 0.0091398
Select Cdo1 0.00912798
Select Grin3a 0.00908574
Select Frrs1 0.00899035
Select Gpr171 0.00823448
Select Cmtm4 0.00788772
Select Plekha7 0.00769037
Select Zim1 0.00766822
Select Col11a1 0.00746067
Select Pcdh11x 0.00716792
Select Ankrd50 0.00699828
Select Fabp3 0.00697925
Select Dach1 0.00689637
Select Adcyap1 0.00673216
Select Kiss1r 0.00666119
Select Sema6d 0.00662032
Select Slc31a1 0.00616177
Select Gpc1 0.00615866
Select Chx10 0.00615485
Select BC027127 0.0059939
Select Erbb4 0.00594301
Select Baiap3 0.00587871
Select Lum 0.00584254
Select Efnb2 0.00580326
Select Scn5a 0.0057392
Select Lmo3 0.00570284
Select Marcksl1 0.00562904
Select Pxn 0.005578
Select Rprm 0.00546896
Select Htr2c 0.0054192
Select 9330132E09Rik 0.00535326
Select Uqcrh 0.00526857
Select Pim2 0.00525108