Number of genes: 20 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Nucleus of the solitary tract change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0500 change

Lambda (actual): 9.013

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Wif1 0.002444433
Select Dcc 0.0008042278
Select Zfhx4 0.0002534081
Select TC1563688 0.0001775927
Select LOC381076 0.0001675403
Select Gal 0.0001212061
Select Glra1 6.129888e-05
Select Slc18a3 3.273935e-05
Select Axin2 1.662825e-06
Select Chrna3 1.486357e-06
Select Sncg 8.16968e-07
Select TC1563370 7.48962e-07
Select Arl10 5.910284e-07
Select Shoc2 6.00631e-08
Select Baiap3 -1.48788e-07
Select Brunol6 -1.844759e-07
Select Gabrq -1.315622e-06
Select LOC433088 -9.297692e-06
Select B630019K06Rik -1.881599e-05
Select Ecel1 -6.723674e-05
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Wif1 0.34474297
Select Dcc 0.10851051
Select Gal 0.08706648
Select Zfhx4 0.05124498
Select Chrna3 0.0374341
Select Shoc2 0.03554944
Select Ghsr 0.0346207
Select Slc18a3 0.03418835
Select TC1563688 0.033631
Select Sncg 0.03277163
Select TC1563370 0.03187178
Select Axin2 0.03165624
Select Olfml3 0.02867637
Select LOC381076 0.0260197
Select Arl10 0.0236642
Select Atic 0.02309685
Select Brunol6 0.02270955
Select B630019K06Rik 0.02257588
Select Pcsk1 0.02231769
Select Gabrq 0.02223647