Number of genes: 100 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Reticular nucleus of the thalamus change

Lambda multiplier: 0.2000 change

Lambda (actual): 69.5048

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Fign 0.00116287
Select Ramp3 0.0001325854
Select 2810457I06Rik 0.0001086302
Select LOC384670 5.267123e-05
Select Trh 3.815526e-05
Select Gfra1 1.17686e-05
Select Pogz 7.176481e-06
Select 1810041L15Rik 3.483103e-06
Select Grm3 2.398558e-06
Select Coch 2.07871e-06
Select Pvalb 1.93913e-06
Select Grsf1 1.847672e-06
Select Lgi2 1.49265e-06
Select Sst 1.07094e-06
Select Spp1 9.033639e-07
Select Gatm 7.318557e-07
Select Isl1 4.593265e-07
Select Lancl3 3.823635e-07
Select Esrrg 3.6631e-07
Select Kcng4 3.500766e-07
Select Cacna1i 2.839148e-07
Select Tnnt1 2.789867e-07
Select C630007C17Rik 2.582231e-07
Select Egln1 2.399064e-07
Select Cables2 2.108787e-07
Select Kcns3 2.07354e-07
Select 4930516O21Rik* 1.804232e-07
Select Btbd11 1.749451e-07
Select 6430502M16Rik 1.36811e-07
Select Pmp22 1.343679e-07
Select Plekhg1 1.211867e-07
Select Serpinf1 1.089652e-07
Select Plch1 9.812315e-08
Select Ptprd 8.122228e-08
Select BC022623 7.5956e-08
Select Pdzd2 7.256349e-08
Select Adarb1 7.00945e-08
Select Igsf3 6.666476e-08
Select Mtrr 4.870285e-08
Select Lrrc38 4.345603e-08
Select Fndc5 3.308809e-08
Select 6330505N24Rik 3.19063e-08
Select Hadhb 3.172824e-08
Select Pnoc 2.692245e-08
Select Kcnip1 2.584991e-08
Select Scrt1 2.174521e-08
Select Rgs6 1.773421e-08
Select Vangl1 1.211609e-08
Select Tnfrsf19l 1.152322e-08
Select Rab37 1.121918e-08
Select Amotl1 8.493371e-09
Select Lef1 7.040761e-09
Select Gja7 5.161354e-09
Select Sgpp2 3.168384e-09
Select Slc35f1 8.391072e-10
Select Plxnb3 -1.810061e-09
Select 4930572J05Rik -5.398445e-09
Select A630094N22Rik* -7.77958e-09
Select AI836003 -9.564626e-09
Select Ptchd1 -1.14012e-08
Select Sh3bgrl2 -1.256885e-08
Select Elovl1 -2.032237e-08
Select Hcn2 -2.154807e-08
Select 1110069I04Rik* -2.414074e-08
Select Sacm1l -2.422739e-08
Select Gpr37 -2.441447e-08
Select Plekhb1 -2.580165e-08
Select Zmat4 -3.433598e-08
Select Sypl -3.606938e-08
Select Esrra -4.011894e-08
Select Aspa -4.078088e-08
Select Slc12a2 -5.080604e-08
Select Atbf1 -8.388269e-08
Select Pacs2 -8.766902e-08
Select Prkcd -8.922257e-08
Select Mcam -9.51986e-08
Select Cib2 -9.855354e-08
Select Plekha7 -1.014524e-07
Select Utp14b -1.27459e-07
Select 2310005P05Rik -1.325398e-07
Select Pacsin2 -1.361648e-07
Select Abhd3 -1.637524e-07
Select Ugt8a -2.224148e-07
Select Lrrtm1 -2.282084e-07
Select Nefh -4.357551e-07
Select Map2k6 -4.436195e-07
Select Rnf13 -4.725771e-07
Select BC004044 -4.77288e-07
Select Pnpo -5.696927e-07
Select Cnp1 -5.897529e-07
Select Ptgds -6.600624e-07
Select Clmn -9.062015e-07
Select Gad2 -1.074172e-06
Select Cldn11 -1.157636e-06
Select Tspan2 -4.874547e-06
Select Plcb4 -5.481505e-06
Select Fryl -6.251553e-06
Select Mtap4 -6.646417e-06
Select Bcat1 -9.395512e-06
Select Kcnc2 -2.724771e-05
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Fign 0.21275334
Select Egln1 0.14223315
Select Esrrg 0.0726852
Select Isl1 0.06860993
Select 4930516O21Rik* 0.06099583
Select Ramp3 0.0598159
Select Tnnt1 0.05905785
Select Iars2 0.05624926
Select 1810041L15Rik 0.05150753
Select Cables2 0.04771708
Select Grsf1 0.04617787
Select Kcns3 0.03649855
Select 2810457I06Rik 0.03621281
Select Pmp22 0.02918882
Select C630007C17Rik 0.02916398
Select LOC384670 0.02896277
Select Trh 0.02876187
Select Serpinf1 0.02825312
Select Plekhg1 0.02800052
Select Adarb1 0.02601392
Select Lgi2 0.02507521
Select Amotl1 0.02503604
Select Sst 0.02445884
Select En2 0.02435648
Select Vangl1 0.02416642
Select Lancl3 0.02412069
Select Tnfrsf19l 0.02345644
Select 1110069I04Rik* 0.02302097
Select Gja7 0.02282977
Select Grm3 0.02268928
Select Btbd11 0.02208194
Select Gfra1 0.02206215
Select Lrrc38 0.02169544
Select Anxa1 0.02167184
Select Pogz 0.02139766
Select Spp1 0.02061283
Select Lef1 0.02015291
Select Tpd52l1 0.01930684
Select Fndc5 0.01894512
Select Gatm 0.01843011
Select 6330505N24Rik 0.01806395
Select Pvalb 0.01747703
Select Plch1 0.01723416
Select Prkcd 0.01693339
Select A630094N22Rik* 0.01692162
Select Mtrr 0.01668437
Select Rab37 0.01659014
Select Kcnip1 0.01641882
Select Kcng4 0.01630288
Select Hadhb 0.01574783
Select Cachd1 0.01569223
Select Pnoc 0.01504554
Select BC022623 0.01479079
Select Slitrk6 0.01461376
Select Ptchd1 0.01452079
Select Zmat4 0.01450652
Select Plekha7 0.0143758
Select Lrrtm1 0.01431317
Select Slc35f1 0.01427491
Select Coch 0.01422552
Select Ptprd 0.01415939
Select Clmn 0.01369914
Select Esrra 0.01363012
Select Cab39l 0.01349081
Select Mcam 0.01322205
Select Rgs6 0.01296839
Select Pacsin2 0.01295725
Select 6430502M16Rik 0.01288797
Select AI836003 0.01278268
Select Gabra4 0.01272826
Select Plekhb1 0.01270024
Select Atbf1 0.01260161
Select Cib2 0.01241452
Select Sh3d19 0.01233087
Select Hecw1 0.01231187
Select Cacna1i 0.01212434
Select Gpr37 0.01203906
Select Nefh 0.01201589
Select Igsf3 0.01192081
Select Hcn2 0.01179735
Select 4930572J05Rik 0.01166526
Select Plxnb3 0.01165245
Select Sgpp2 0.01162611
Select Akap2 0.01160701
Select Gad2 0.01155714
Select Cnp1 0.01153825
Select Abhd3 0.01143458
Select Gbe1 0.01133786
Select 2310005P05Rik 0.01100213
Select Prlr 0.01100189
Select Scrt1 0.01096332
Select Pacs2 0.01087563
Select Rnf13 0.01084452
Select Pnpo 0.01080298
Select Kcnc2 0.01074496
Select Ptpn3 0.01067516
Select Sacm1l 0.01063266
Select BC004044 0.01060457
Select Utp14b 0.01056681
Select mCG142089 0.0105405