Number of genes: 200 change

Positivity: Positive change

Brain Region: Spinal nucleus of the trigeminal_ interpolar part change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0400 change

Lambda (actual): 22.4365

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Slc6a5 0.0004025927
Select Nr1d2 0.0003074154
Select Scrt1 0.0001822871
Select Cgnl1 5.562901e-08
Select Iyd 3.207162e-08
Select Pacrg 3.20704e-08
Select LOC381355 2.852982e-08
Select Parp8 2.332642e-08
Select Serpinb1b 2.196327e-08
Select Lrrtm3 2.049829e-08
Select Pde3a 1.613753e-08
Select Clgn 1.502182e-08
Select Trim36 1.390893e-08
Select Parva 1.358438e-08
Select Glra4 1.330735e-08
Select P2rxl1 1.296614e-08
Select Adamts2 1.275959e-08
Select Eif5a2 1.270936e-08
Select Gpc5 1.25707e-08
Select Ankrd38 1.231698e-08
Select Chrnb4 1.228569e-08
Select Clock 1.103059e-08
Select P2ry14 1.029004e-08
Select Entpd3 9.925521e-09
Select Kbtbd3 9.589861e-09
Select Kctd8 9.445588e-09
Select 9630033F20Rik 9.289531e-09
Select Ddt 9.21896e-09
Select B3galt5 8.948247e-09
Select Mmel1 8.85231e-09
Select mCG147223 8.829605e-09
Select Fbn2 8.787422e-09
Select Ccdc37 8.714673e-09
Select Wdr31 8.328838e-09
Select Glrx 8.200152e-09
Select Cables2 8.181081e-09
Select Tnfrsf19l 8.009451e-09
Select Txnrd1 8.001053e-09
Select Rab3ip 7.751707e-09
Select Sacm1l 7.730428e-09
Select Htr1a 7.590918e-09
Select 1110037F02Rik 7.572538e-09
Select Tbc1d1 7.422218e-09
Select Phospho1 7.372857e-09
Select B230218L05Rik 7.298355e-09
Select Rec8L1 7.186519e-09
Select Cstb 7.166261e-09
Select Ostf1 7.115697e-09
Select Pmp22 6.952906e-09
Select Zyx 6.948497e-09
Select Nova1 6.829791e-09
Select BC033915 6.548363e-09
Select Galnt6 6.317391e-09
Select Atp5j 6.307054e-09
Select Slc6a9 6.227568e-09
Select Dexi 6.176616e-09
Select Pir 6.168725e-09
Select Ctnnbip1 6.168172e-09
Select Tsfm 6.072439e-09
Select Plcl1 5.962886e-09
Select Dffa 5.794065e-09
Select 6330442E10Rik 5.741254e-09
Select Mrpl39 5.639973e-09
Select Epha10 5.629414e-09
Select Nrg1 5.563457e-09
Select Rbm19 5.512898e-09
Select Cacng7 5.447244e-09
Select Rfk 5.363248e-09
Select Rgs10 5.312122e-09
Select Sgpp2 5.310339e-09
Select Osbpl9 5.116088e-09
Select Sypl 5.103775e-09
Select D130072O21Rik 4.962234e-09
Select Psmd5 4.952516e-09
Select B230120H23Rik 4.848435e-09
Select Apbb2 4.844402e-09
Select Cyp27a1 4.760761e-09
Select Panx2 4.753721e-09
Select Aspa 4.68877e-09
Select Klk6 4.67663e-09
Select B830028H17Rik* 4.613825e-09
Select Lrrn1 4.607679e-09
Select Nkd1 4.585254e-09
Select AI836003 4.517178e-09
Select Sh3bgrl2 4.517045e-09
Select Rassf8 4.515332e-09
Select Slc12a2 4.506352e-09
Select Zfyve9 4.446953e-09
Select Slc6a15 4.290855e-09
Select Kctd9 4.285846e-09
Select Sema7a 4.217043e-09
Select Serpinb1c 4.198749e-09
Select Impa1 4.147552e-09
Select Scn1a 4.146798e-09
Select Gja9 4.107383e-09
Select Glra1 4.004057e-09
Select Freq 3.953829e-09
Select Sv2c 3.936409e-09
Select S100a16 3.857967e-09
Select Cerk 3.811714e-09
Select Ublcp1 3.80964e-09
Select Ttbk2 3.79547e-09
Select Akap12 3.762469e-09
Select Coro6 3.631081e-09
Select Slc9a7 3.618767e-09
Select Uqcrh 3.554728e-09
Select Fa2h 3.50928e-09
Select Lgi2 3.502021e-09
Select Pogz 3.412609e-09
Select Bckdhb 3.408715e-09
Select Btbd14a 3.396714e-09
Select Krt222 3.365218e-09
Select 6430502M16Rik 3.350238e-09
Select Slc25a25 3.257896e-09
Select 4930572J05Rik 3.142278e-09
Select Msh2 3.130036e-09
Select Spp1 3.091862e-09
Select Bag1 3.066898e-09
Select Lpin1 3.042419e-09
Select Alg1 3.037701e-09
Select Nfic 3.018406e-09
Select Fgfr1 2.896512e-09
Select Stub1 2.885235e-09
Select A030009H04Rik 2.828983e-09
Select Atp8a2 2.803406e-09
Select Ddr1 2.719658e-09
Select Iqsec3 2.687901e-09
Select Aldh5a1 2.68199e-09
Select Slc39a14 2.65846e-09
Select Lgi3 2.612198e-09
Select Lyst 2.603583e-09
Select Gpr35 2.58771e-09
Select Fts 2.556203e-09
Select Endod1 2.554093e-09
Select Kcnab3 2.546165e-09
Select Fndc5 2.52063e-09
Select Glrb 2.511936e-09
Select Trap1 2.486933e-09
Select Fstl1 2.476515e-09
Select Anxa6 2.471458e-09
Select Anxa5 2.453446e-09
Select Pfkfb3 2.450986e-09
Select Hs6st2 2.426329e-09
Select Cnih 2.417449e-09
Select Tulp4 2.405292e-09
Select 3632451O06Rik 2.404434e-09
Select 2700055K07Rik 2.379556e-09
Select Slc17a6 2.282614e-09
Select Arl2 2.258673e-09
Select Gdi2 2.212179e-09
Select Vsnl1 2.204715e-09
Select Rab6ip1 2.200868e-09
Select Kcnc3 2.154178e-09
Select Hsdl2 2.105011e-09
Select 2900002G04Rik 2.094846e-09
Select Dlat 2.060018e-09
Select Tmem25 2.034494e-09
Select D330001F17Rik 2.033862e-09
Select Hcn2 1.995001e-09
Select Slc44a1 1.929894e-09
Select Elavl2 1.900165e-09
Select Lman2 1.88842e-09
Select AW046396 1.875991e-09
Select Mrpl12 1.861167e-09
Select Osbpl6 1.852377e-09
Select Bcan 1.843186e-09
Select Pacs2 1.814237e-09
Select Ank1 1.806994e-09
Select Adssl1 1.729069e-09
Select Pnkd 1.714798e-09
Select S100b 1.699351e-09
Select Vdac3 1.698584e-09
Select Phactr4 1.690241e-09
Select Asb13 1.662575e-09
Select Scn4b 1.605867e-09
Select Gatm 1.567663e-09
Select B230209C24Rik 1.558562e-09
Select Nifun 1.50898e-09
Select Kcnab2 1.491368e-09
Select Ndufb8 1.432753e-09
Select Fbxo9 1.404426e-09
Select Prdx5 1.340565e-09
Select Hapln4 1.329112e-09
Select Ache 1.327305e-09
Select Cygb 1.229184e-09
Select Laptm4b 1.228969e-09
Select Pvalb 1.193837e-09
Select Rnf13 1.160868e-09
Select Nefh 1.152458e-09
Select Bcat1 1.110141e-09
Select Map2k6 1.101815e-09
Select Adamtsl3 1.078435e-09
Select Kcna1 1.055864e-09
Select Dscr1l1 1.028441e-09
Select Resp18 9.537601e-10
Select Vamp1 9.204371e-10
Select Car2 7.392714e-10
Select Nef3 6.674166e-10
Select Syt2 6.45026e-10
Select Gprc5b 6.430032e-10
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Pacrg 0.13043721
Select Slc6a5 0.11589981
Select Lrrtm3 0.09958771
Select Nr1d2 0.09718431
Select Serpinb1b 0.07745228
Select Scrt1 0.0716229
Select Iyd 0.0690512
Select Parva 0.05573172
Select Glra4 0.05197377
Select Glra1 0.04902987
Select Cgnl1 0.04468129
Select Eif5a2 0.04427438
Select mCG147223 0.04348003
Select Btbd14a 0.04085974
Select Clgn 0.04064326
Select Ankrd38 0.03899427
Select Phospho1 0.03893483
Select Pde3a 0.03603893
Select Slc39a14 0.03523965
Select Ccdc37 0.03520212
Select Lgi2 0.03497308
Select Sv2c 0.03383059
Select P2rxl1 0.03378228
Select Osbpl9 0.03347574
Select Hcn2 0.03329395
Select Ublcp1 0.03226105
Select Serpinb1c 0.03219424
Select Trim36 0.03072168
Select Endod1 0.02882514
Select Panx2 0.02866067
Select Ctnnbip1 0.02848573
Select 4930572J05Rik 0.02813794
Select Axin2 0.02812976
Select Kcnc3 0.02775624
Select Kctd9 0.0276408
Select Sgpp2 0.0275946
Select B3galt5 0.0274232
Select Akap12 0.0264859
Select Nrg1 0.02634098
Select Ttbk2 0.02631522
Select Ostf1 0.02597766
Select Bckdhb 0.02559798
Select Zfyve9 0.02513532
Select Tmem25 0.02490342
Select Gpc5 0.02487821
Select Krt222 0.02473225
Select Uqcrh 0.024402
Select Glrb 0.02400562
Select Pogz 0.02389195
Select Atp8a2 0.02356123
Select Parp8 0.0234679
Select Kbtbd3 0.02336057
Select 9630033F20Rik 0.02323498
Select Sacm1l 0.02270131
Select Nefh 0.0220873
Select Impa1 0.02173421
Select Klk6 0.02167828
Select Iqsec3 0.02155193
Select Tsfm 0.02145437
Select Ank1 0.02139122
Select Scn1a 0.02109798
Select Lgi3 0.02102221
Select Tbc1d1 0.02101559
Select 2700055K07Rik 0.02076592
Select AI836003 0.02073287
Select Rgs10 0.02056775
Select Kctd8 0.01988214
Select Rab3ip 0.01965372
Select Spp1 0.01957432
Select Cerk 0.0195607
Select Plcl1 0.0192965
Select Cables2 0.01920547
Select Fstl1 0.01913457
Select Zyx 0.01906295
Select Pnkd 0.01905574
Select AW046396 0.01874911
Select Hsdl2 0.01866241
Select Wdr31 0.01837923
Select Pfkfb3 0.01811647
Select Cacng7 0.0180778
Select Elavl2 0.01796394
Select Htr1a 0.01791545
Select Atp5j 0.01771438
Select Slc6a9 0.01762672
Select Dexi 0.01735283
Select Kcnab3 0.01729465
Select Clock 0.01727642
Select Chrnb4 0.0172563
Select Nfic 0.01725485
Select Hpse 0.01668544
Select B830028H17Rik* 0.01661177
Select Vamp1 0.01660285
Select B230209C24Rik 0.0163763
Select 3632451O06Rik 0.01608656
Select Sh3bgrl2 0.01595067
Select 6330442E10Rik 0.01578283
Select LOC381355 0.0156928
Select Pvalb 0.01565723
Select Slc25a25 0.01562396
Select Freq 0.01555569
Select Tnfrsf19l 0.01544356
Select B230120H23Rik 0.01525929
Select Nifun 0.01524162
Select Coro6 0.01513212
Select Rec8L1 0.01509786
Select Slc9a7 0.01498492
Select D130072O21Rik 0.0147951
Select Fa2h 0.01476399
Select P2ry14 0.01474816
Select Aldh5a1 0.01463727
Select Txnrd1 0.01461877
Select Adamtsl3 0.01460161
Select Arl2 0.01451872
Select Gpr108 0.01432616
Select Fbn2 0.01427948
Select Gja9 0.01407281
Select Hapln4 0.01406449
Select Glrx 0.01397783
Select C1qa 0.01396344
Select Anxa6 0.01394879
Select Pir 0.01394196
Select Hs6st2 0.01387061
Select Rbm19 0.01386458
Select Rnf13 0.01386438
Select Ache 0.01385842
Select Dlat 0.0137132
Select BC033915 0.01369439
Select Adssl1 0.01366112
Select Entpd3 0.0136455
Select Lpin1 0.01361931
Select S100b 0.01352476
Select 6430502M16Rik 0.01346624
Select Fbxo9 0.01344483
Select B230218L05Rik 0.01343398
Select Nkd1 0.01339698
Select Kcnab2 0.01331669
Select Ddt 0.01313117
Select Spsb1 0.0130985
Select Sema7a 0.01309193
Select Cyp27a1 0.01304069
Select Gatm 0.01299728
Select Adamts2 0.01298219
Select Ryr1 0.01292899
Select Slc17a6 0.01291735
Select 2900002G04Rik 0.01288438
Select 1110037F02Rik 0.01288282
Select Ndufb8 0.01277973
Select S100a16 0.01270873
Select Fts 0.01269691
Select Myo5c 0.01269519
Select Guk1 0.01267782
Select Lman2 0.01264514
Select Rfk 0.0125973
Select Tulp4 0.01254708
Select Vsnl1 0.0125322
Select Chrna2 0.01253212
Select Zfp191 0.01248534
Select Map2k6 0.01244389
Select Psmd5 0.01244376
Select Epha10 0.01234108
Select Slc6a15 0.01233458
Select 4930516O21Rik* 0.0123261
Select Cstb 0.01229231
Select Stub1 0.01222362
Select Mrpl12 0.012223
Select Rassf8 0.01217851
Select D330001F17Rik 0.01216227
Select Acyp2 0.01216155
Select A030009H04Rik 0.01216047
Select Bcat1 0.01210078
Select Osbpl6 0.01208825
Select Laptm4b 0.01204816
Select Phactr4 0.01193898
Select Bcl7b 0.01193166
Select Kcna1 0.01192643
Select Sypl 0.01192374
Select C030019F02Rik 0.01190509
Select Cnih 0.01183872
Select Nova1 0.01179977
Select Trap1 0.01174965
Select Pmp22 0.01174301
Select Shb 0.0117348
Select Vdac3 0.01169048
Select Stard13 0.01161975
Select Syt2 0.01160967
Select Acvr1c 0.01157923
Select Asb13 0.01151723
Select Fgfr1 0.01149659
Select Lrp4 0.01149413
Select Apbb2 0.01147691
Select Gdi2 0.01137616
Select Alg1 0.01133744
Select Trpv4 0.01129776
Select Ugcgl1 0.01128407
Select Mmel1 0.01126951
Select St6gal1 0.01125526
Select Mrpl39 0.01123983
Select Lyst 0.01121659
Select Bcan 0.01121055
Select Anxa5 0.0112096