Number of genes: 50 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Motor nucleus of trigeminal change

Lambda multiplier: 0.8000 change

Lambda (actual): 144.7721

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Slc5a7 0.0001284508
Select Glra1 2.162603e-05
Select Sncg 1.509367e-07
Select Spp1 5.217678e-08
Select Dffa 4.01321e-08
Select Kcnj14 2.943308e-08
Select Sv2c 2.743314e-08
Select Lgals1 2.727679e-08
Select Msn 2.589756e-08
Select A330043P19Rik* 2.58288e-08
Select Hspb8 2.446703e-08
Select Calcb 2.330182e-08
Select Tns1 2.188136e-08
Select Akap12 2.005054e-08
Select Slc18a3 1.894054e-08
Select Npr1 1.878156e-08
Select 6330442E10Rik 1.707513e-08
Select Ninj1 1.380743e-08
Select Nrg1 1.311753e-08
Select Kctd9 1.238316e-08
Select Lrsam1 1.201011e-08
Select Pacrg 1.122678e-08
Select Ankrd50 1.109239e-08
Select Ppap2a 1.106847e-08
Select 2610019F03Rik 9.315478e-09
Select Slc10a4 9.239721e-09
Select Layn 9.057139e-09
Select Tsfm 8.686723e-09
Select Anxa2 8.68495e-09
Select Gem 8.527715e-09
Select AI450948 8.442663e-09
Select Rfk 8.414762e-09
Select Sox14 7.299378e-09
Select Calca 7.247845e-09
Select Paqr8 7.211888e-09
Select A330102H22Rik 6.033112e-09
Select Serpina3k 5.785237e-09
Select Kctd8 5.303063e-09
Select Rln3 5.14663e-09
Select Dpysl3 5.058886e-09
Select Clcn5 5.029732e-09
Select Serpina3c 4.969281e-09
Select B3galt5 4.643288e-09
Select Hspb1 4.47143e-09
Select Cd59a 1.643957e-09
Select Anxa4 1.307173e-09
Select LOC432637 9.077241e-10
Select P2rxl1 6.436203e-10
Select Stk32a -2.035197e-09
Select Entpd3 -1.052274e-08
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Layn 0.21416325
Select Slc5a7 0.15808279
Select Calcb 0.14491385
Select Entpd3 0.14065815
Select Kcnj14 0.12797878
Select Ninj1 0.12529941
Select Tns1 0.10007485
Select Anxa2 0.08745507
Select A330043P19Rik* 0.07122688
Select Pacrg 0.06855523
Select Dffa 0.06415421
Select Lgals1 0.05236971
Select Ppap2a 0.04996792
Select A330102H22Rik 0.04931157
Select Slc18a3 0.04577845
Select Hspb8 0.04459191
Select AI450948 0.04149248
Select Msn 0.04092359
Select Lrsam1 0.03557097
Select Cd59a 0.03443547
Select Dpysl3 0.03180412
Select Gem 0.02912788
Select Npr1 0.02864317
Select 6330442E10Rik 0.02854172
Select Hspb1 0.02836954
Select Rln3 0.02621427
Select Rfk 0.02343535
Select Serpina3c 0.02299832
Select P2rxl1 0.02248388
Select Serpina3k 0.02191729
Select Clcn5 0.02035664
Select Nrg1 0.02023202
Select Anxa4 0.02000805
Select Calca 0.01998034
Select LOC432637 0.01960835
Select Sncg 0.01950005
Select Stk32a 0.01935576
Select 2610019F03Rik 0.01885177
Select Paqr8 0.017746
Select Sox14 0.01751792
Select B3galt5 0.01744393
Select Slc10a4 0.01738488
Select Tsfm 0.01716374
Select Glra1 0.01666888
Select Kctd9 0.01566698
Select Gm1335 0.01553762
Select Spp1 0.01526032
Select Eif5a2 0.01471185
Select Ankrd50 0.01470517
Select Slc25a1 0.01428476