Number of genes: 200 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Nucleus of the solitary tract change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0095 change

Lambda (actual): 4.677

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Wif1 0.002181564
Select Dcc 0.001624985
Select Zfhx4 0.001269105
Select TC1563688 0.0005599748
Select LOC381076 0.0003846983
Select Pdxk 0.000202098
Select Nsdhl 0.0002018985
Select B630019K06Rik 0.0001928193
Select Slc6a5 0.0001718248
Select Ccdc37 0.0001710575
Select Gal 0.0001646215
Select Bcl7b 0.0001579879
Select Serpinb1c 0.0001535595
Select Fxyd6 0.0001421604
Select Atbf1 0.0001362767
Select Cyp51 0.0001273812
Select Pnoc 0.0001271523
Select TC1563370 0.0001223911
Select Rab27b 0.0001179307
Select Arl10 0.0001143233
Select Grin3a 0.0001094848
Select Lrp1b 0.0001091475
Select Chrm2 0.0001062186
Select Glra1 8.447156e-05
Select Galr1 8.081962e-05
Select 9030409G11Rik 8.031841e-05
Select Rec8L1 8.026621e-05
Select Adcyap1 7.242786e-05
Select Sncg 6.812045e-05
Select Cbln2 6.606563e-05
Select Cart 6.545192e-05
Select 1110033J19Rik 6.50026e-05
Select Slc39a6 6.405018e-05
Select Ecel1 5.766608e-05
Select Resp18 4.79372e-05
Select BC030477 4.533288e-05
Select Rnf13 4.36017e-05
Select Slc18a3 3.880551e-05
Select Brunol6 3.706045e-05
Select Pla2g7 3.506643e-05
Select Rgs10 3.27767e-05
Select Elavl2 3.180514e-05
Select Phactr4 3.146785e-05
Select Ddc 3.019897e-05
Select Itih3 2.821363e-05
Select D830030K20Rik 2.783127e-05
Select Sema6d 2.684638e-05
Select LOC433088 2.541355e-05
Select A930038C07Rik 2.516369e-05
Select Prph1 1.736521e-05
Select AI427515 1.516427e-05
Select Agt 1.444829e-05
Select Impact 1.38156e-05
Select Hcn2 1.164407e-05
Select Penk1 9.961219e-06
Select Ddr1 8.686042e-06
Select Gjb6 6.764474e-06
Select Olfml3 6.189258e-06
Select Hpcal1 4.460277e-06
Select Lyst 2.236516e-06
Select Parva 2.001898e-06
Select Maged2 1.578928e-06
Select Sacm1l 1.37729e-06
Select Idh1 6.467081e-07
Select Tmem22 6.181122e-07
Select Adssl1 3.673111e-07
Select Cygb 2.694764e-07
Select Baiap3 2.575596e-07
Select BC060632 2.093897e-07
Select TC1410973 1.763474e-07
Select Pcdh11x 1.753102e-07
Select Chrna3 1.551515e-07
Select Agrin 1.250374e-07
Select Arhgap12 1.247203e-07
Select Plekhb1 1.208628e-07
Select Rnh1 1.112619e-07
Select Nkd1 1.055311e-07
Select Txnrd1 8.34622e-08
Select Gtf2h2 8.101375e-08
Select Rnd2 8.028257e-08
Select Tcerg1l 7.573594e-08
Select Gpr56 7.494741e-08
Select Lrmp 6.821202e-08
Select Prokr2 6.792339e-08
Select Axin2 6.338401e-08
Select Prmt2 5.339838e-08
Select Lhfpl2 4.7546e-08
Select Ank1 4.527897e-08
Select Pcgf6 4.000603e-08
Select Ddt 3.726971e-08
Select Osbpl9 3.537841e-08
Select AW456874 3.367589e-08
Select Nudt2 3.052185e-08
Select Zcchc12 2.74683e-08
Select Nrg1 2.682027e-08
Select Gpr108 2.681579e-08
Select Ublcp1 2.632333e-08
Select Iyd 2.474037e-08
Select Adcyap1r1 2.097614e-08
Select Ghsr 2.078247e-08
Select Ldlr 1.600047e-08
Select Tspan6 1.58694e-08
Select Serpinb1b 1.198717e-08
Select Pcsk1 1.118809e-08
Select Fgfr1 9.48259e-09
Select Grb10 9.069168e-09
Select Itm2a 6.733235e-09
Select Tsfm 5.522094e-09
Select Atp13a5 4.066379e-09
Select Shoc2 1.888726e-09
Select Ctsz 6.233523e-10
Select Kctd8 5.985418e-10
Select Slc6a11 -1.296744e-09
Select Insig1 -2.367274e-09
Select D11Ertd333e -7.827375e-09
Select Atic -8.17591e-09
Select Magel2 -1.219082e-08
Select Clgn -1.22079e-08
Select Pygb -2.076689e-08
Select D130072O21Rik -2.166271e-08
Select Psme2 -2.189143e-08
Select Clcn5 -2.227675e-08
Select 4632411B12Rik -2.308309e-08
Select Rps12 -2.634879e-08
Select Scd1 -2.77676e-08
Select Plcl1 -2.868756e-08
Select Slc2a1 -3.142201e-08
Select Wrb -3.231204e-08
Select Btbd11 -3.245813e-08
Select Slc5a3 -3.440335e-08
Select Vat1 -3.481568e-08
Select Tmed3 -3.520631e-08
Select Ninj1 -3.764373e-08
Select Peg10 -3.985557e-08
Select Lpin1 -4.296972e-08
Select Dpysl3 -4.342668e-08
Select BC005764 -4.5063e-08
Select Akap12 -4.761137e-08
Select Hsdl2 -5.058247e-08
Select Trim36 -5.480403e-08
Select Cacna2d2 -5.55332e-08
Select Lrp4 -6.122907e-08
Select Pgrmc2 -6.128199e-08
Select Iqsec3 -6.516998e-08
Select Psmd5 -7.015479e-08
Select Gabrq -7.215596e-08
Select Usp11 -7.220759e-08
Select 1110002B05Rik -7.591586e-08
Select Mesdc2 -7.958499e-08
Select Gpc3 -9.747895e-08
Select Dock6 -1.335837e-07
Select Aldh5a1 -1.42751e-07
Select Glra4 -1.614058e-07
Select Nifun -1.896176e-07
Select 2310036D04Rik -1.95858e-07
Select Sc4mol -2.064295e-07
Select Acadl -2.310611e-07
Select Acsl3 -5.080106e-07
Select 2700038N03Rik -5.224917e-07
Select Fstl1 -6.660056e-07
Select Lrsam1 -8.629045e-07
Select Slc17a6 -1.288132e-06
Select Tmem130 -1.833234e-06
Select Cxcl12 -2.32197e-06
Select Tmem25 -3.413653e-06
Select 0710005M24Rik -4.818936e-06
Select Rcn2 -5.205993e-06
Select Ctnnbip1 -9.626432e-06
Select Slc9a7 -1.00344e-05
Select Gaa -1.320792e-05
Select Sema4g -1.323808e-05
Select Rwdd2 -1.384684e-05
Select Aldoc -1.566557e-05
Select Nxph4 -1.643055e-05
Select Tulp4 -2.051853e-05
Select Scg2 -2.483479e-05
Select Nap1l5 -3.222679e-05
Select Hs6st2 -3.377471e-05
Select Prkcsh -3.464269e-05
Select Ache -3.670751e-05
Select Arl2 -4.608631e-05
Select Zfp483 -5.548156e-05
Select BC052055 -6.990618e-05
Select Dlk1 -7.068342e-05
Select Podxl2 -7.787778e-05
Select Ascl1 -8.081782e-05
Select Pcsk1n -9.201177e-05
Select Sparc -9.542311e-05
Select A030009H04Rik -0.0001012966
Select Zim1 -0.0001092862
Select Ltbp3 -0.0001321138
Select Tbc1d1 -0.0001349896
Select Txndc13 -0.0001403957
Select Nrsn2 -0.0001694415
Select Sqle -0.0001744671
Select Maob -0.0001856121
Select Cib2 -0.0001887599
Select Endod1 -0.0001934552
Select Ece2 -0.0001984493
Select 2700055K07Rik -0.0002942382
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Wif1 0.34474297
Select Dcc 0.10851051
Select Gal 0.08706648
Select Zfhx4 0.05124498
Select Chrna3 0.0374341
Select Shoc2 0.03554944
Select Ghsr 0.0346207
Select Slc18a3 0.03418835
Select TC1563688 0.033631
Select Sncg 0.03277163
Select TC1563370 0.03187178
Select Axin2 0.03165624
Select Olfml3 0.02867637
Select LOC381076 0.0260197
Select Arl10 0.0236642
Select Atic 0.02309685
Select Brunol6 0.02270955
Select B630019K06Rik 0.02257588
Select Pcsk1 0.02231769
Select Gabrq 0.02223647
Select AW456874 0.02205249
Select Idh1 0.0217328
Select Prokr2 0.02129007
Select Psme2 0.02057947
Select Txnrd1 0.02057112
Select Casr 0.01979172
Select Ecel1 0.01932512
Select Grb10 0.01905714
Select Ccdc37 0.01904011
Select Baiap3 0.0183292
Select Glra1 0.01563428
Select LOC433088 0.01540673
Select Ldlr 0.01530678
Select Serpinb1b 0.0152829
Select Lrmp 0.01454791
Select Iyd 0.01434845
Select Maob 0.01422548
Select Atbf1 0.01396793
Select Lhfpl2 0.01378539
Select Agt 0.013757
Select Dpysl3 0.0134676
Select Lrp1b 0.0134669
Select Slc6a5 0.01345933
Select Frmpd2 0.01336572
Select Gpr56 0.01268871
Select Ctnnbip1 0.01264525
Select Rgs10 0.01241336
Select Cart 0.01233607
Select Wrb 0.01179458
Select Rec8L1 0.01159413
Select Insig1 0.01091812
Select TC1410973 0.01091699
Select Adcyap1 0.01082315
Select Clcn5 0.01078444
Select Zcchc12 0.01074607
Select Parva 0.01068753
Select Prph1 0.01056101
Select AI427515 0.01053724
Select Trim36 0.01051262
Select Ninj1 0.01050359
Select Galr1 0.010342
Select Itih3 0.01030813
Select Vat1 0.01028748
Select Ece2 0.01022253
Select Sc4mol 0.01014679
Select Aldh5a1 0.01011484
Select LOC436099 0.01011452
Select Igfbp3 0.00998328
Select Gfap 0.00988686
Select Peg10 0.00963697
Select Acadl 0.00963134
Select Pcdh11x 0.00957184
Select D11Ertd333e 0.00953656
Select D830030K20Rik 0.0095212
Select Tmem22 0.0095041
Select 2700038N03Rik 0.00945876
Select Zim1 0.00941164
Select Lgals1 0.00929412
Select Resp18 0.00927722
Select Slc39a6 0.00919006
Select 2700055K07Rik 0.00915579
Select Gpc3 0.00908258
Select Rnh1 0.00903858
Select Bcl7b 0.00890432
Select Slc6a11 0.00883573
Select Ache 0.00882286
Select Dbh 0.00880335
Select Nrsn2 0.00876847
Select C230071H18Rik 0.00864232
Select Cyp51 0.00863516
Select Slc17a6 0.00863421
Select Grin3a 0.00856206
Select Ddc 0.0085069
Select Gjb6 0.00849008
Select Lrsam1 0.00845647
Select 1110002B05Rik 0.0083943
Select Pitrm1 0.00828426
Select Msn 0.00827159
Select Prmt2 0.00809363
Select Akap12 0.00800154
Select Pdxk 0.00797647
Select D130072O21Rik 0.00792788
Select Serpinb6a 0.00792281
Select Maged2 0.0078912
Select Scd1 0.00788602
Select Ddr1 0.00781828
Select Agxt2l1 0.00776323
Select Tmed3 0.00775703
Select Dock6 0.00774065
Select Dlk1 0.00770391
Select Kctd8 0.00752934
Select Fxyd6 0.00747079
Select Slc16a6 0.00747077
Select Nsdhl 0.00743991
Select Chrna5 0.00738515
Select Ctsz 0.00729146
Select Dnahc12 0.00726998
Select Hspb8 0.00723089
Select Rps12 0.00701893
Select Rab27b 0.00698059
Select Nxph4 0.00690896
Select Nifun 0.00681832
Select Serpinb1c 0.00680794
Select Tm4sf1 0.00679593
Select Tmem130 0.00674029
Select Cygb 0.00670007
Select Clgn 0.00660663
Select Scg2 0.00655338
Select Nkd1 0.00651142
Select Elavl2 0.0064771
Select Tcerg1l 0.00647412
Select Gtf2h2 0.00647179
Select Fzd4 0.00639994
Select Cib2 0.00633713
Select Lrp4 0.00632197
Select Cacna2d2 0.00625068
Select Pla2g7 0.00619263
Select Cage1 0.00611606
Select A030009H04Rik 0.00611005
Select Rfx4 0.00608661
Select Cd63 0.00608568
Select D9Ertd280e 0.00604847
Select 4632411B12Rik 0.00602661
Select Lpin1 0.00600232
Select Btbd11 0.00594399
Select Podxl2 0.00593171
Select Zfp483 0.00587847
Select Fgfr1 0.0058232
Select Tsfm 0.00579131
Select Arl2 0.00575193
Select Adcyap1r1 0.00570723
Select Nrg1 0.00569862
Select Rwdd2 0.00564873
Select 2310036D04Rik 0.00563227
Select Slc5a7 0.00562662
Select D830007F02Rik 0.00562565
Select Hpcal1 0.0056202
Select Plxdc1 0.00561118
Select Gpr108 0.00561114
Select Pcsk1n 0.00550036
Select Phactr4 0.00549907
Select Sqle 0.00546397
Select Tbc1d1 0.00544851
Select Tspan6 0.0054429
Select Sgpp2 0.00542929
Select Glra4 0.0054232
Select Slc9a7 0.00540778
Select Penk1 0.00538664
Select Pnoc 0.00538372
Select Magel2 0.00538361
Select Hcn2 0.00531234
Select Itm2a 0.00529006
Select Sacm1l 0.0052865
Select Ddt 0.00528588
Select Cables2 0.0052664
Select Sema6d 0.00524347
Select Aldoc 0.00523818
Select Epha8 0.00522913
Select Rnd2 0.00520945
Select Atp13a5 0.00520671
Select Mesdc2 0.00516111
Select Chrm2 0.00513152
Select 1110033J19Rik 0.00512488
Select Pygb 0.00511139
Select Psmd5 0.00508886
Select A930038C07Rik 0.00508659
Select Ublcp1 0.00505724
Select Usp11 0.00504223
Select BC005764 0.00503346
Select Nenf 0.00500691
Select Impact 0.00497798
Select Endod1 0.00497596
Select Nova1 0.00495048
Select Pgrmc2 0.00494147
Select Nr4a3 0.00493632
Select 0710005M24Rik 0.00486876
Select Fstl1 0.00484874
Select Plcl1 0.00483252
Select Daf2 0.00479345
Select Adamts2 0.00479262