Number of genes: 100 change

Positivity: Positive change

Brain Region: Spinal nucleus of the trigeminal_ caudal part change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0025 change

Lambda (actual): 0.6468

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Serpinb1b 0.004331463
Select Cacng4 0.0003358817
Select Maob 8.421565e-05
Select Axin2 3.61801e-05
Select Mtap 2.082681e-07
Select Casr 1.550806e-07
Select Lrp4 1.085428e-07
Select Acacb 1.034615e-07
Select Ldlr 8.926314e-08
Select Ninj1 7.735985e-08
Select Gpc5 7.141796e-08
Select Shoc2 4.625268e-08
Select Gpc3 4.180698e-08
Select Igfbp3 4.143603e-08
Select Kbtbd3 3.873929e-08
Select Parp8 3.215835e-08
Select Fbn2 3.100748e-08
Select Glra4 2.985169e-08
Select Mast4 2.98485e-08
Select Tbc1d1 2.779999e-08
Select Kctd8 2.747841e-08
Select Tcerg1l 2.675154e-08
Select Tnfrsf19l 2.671397e-08
Select Cstb 2.561637e-08
Select B2m 2.255694e-08
Select Stard13 2.122116e-08
Select Atpbd3 1.728369e-08
Select Fras1 1.711544e-08
Select Plagl1 1.638219e-08
Select Iyd 1.541324e-08
Select Pde3a 1.52992e-08
Select Rec8L1 1.476613e-08
Select Ankrd50 1.46371e-08
Select Ankrd38 1.317272e-08
Select Htr1a 1.299498e-08
Select Ctnnbip1 1.294171e-08
Select Ednrb 1.182692e-08
Select 4432412L15Rik 1.094624e-08
Select Nkd1 1.069569e-08
Select Aspa 1.048122e-08
Select Ust 9.259955e-09
Select Cgnl1 9.072503e-09
Select Parva 8.958239e-09
Select Ablim3 8.863744e-09
Select Lamb1-1 8.454244e-09
Select Serpinb1c 8.034776e-09
Select Scrt1 8.022921e-09
Select Rgs10 7.510295e-09
Select Srm 7.505358e-09
Select Fa2h 7.33838e-09
Select Lhx1 6.920786e-09
Select Dvl2 6.750341e-09
Select Cutl1 6.396508e-09
Select Ltb 6.393673e-09
Select Ublcp1 5.992476e-09
Select Epn3 5.91304e-09
Select Phospho1 5.833868e-09
Select Scd1 5.7569e-09
Select Prph1 5.62411e-09
Select Akap12 5.456783e-09
Select Sv2c 5.454945e-09
Select Lgi3 5.138465e-09
Select Cxcl12 5.079266e-09
Select Slc6a5 5.056112e-09
Select Aldh5a1 5.047322e-09
Select Ddr1 5.023097e-09
Select Ccdc37 4.975682e-09
Select Pcdh21 4.962496e-09
Select 2900042E01Rik 4.818209e-09
Select Glra1 4.686513e-09
Select Osbpl9 4.590285e-09
Select Sned1 4.50577e-09
Select Galnt13 4.467962e-09
Select Hpcal1 4.287526e-09
Select Adssl1 4.018287e-09
Select Btbd14a 3.977778e-09
Select Lgi2 3.904481e-09
Select Tshz1 3.753177e-09
Select Clic4 3.722292e-09
Select Endod1 3.657046e-09
Select Hsdl2 3.615427e-09
Select Ankrd25 3.582147e-09
Select Hs6st2 3.493556e-09
Select Slc17a6 3.481149e-09
Select Iqsec3 3.403307e-09
Select Gatm 3.002012e-09
Select Pnkd 2.976152e-09
Select Slc39a14 2.855825e-09
Select Nudt2 2.629216e-09
Select Hcn2 2.511623e-09
Select Kcnc3 2.341348e-09
Select Gm1752 2.317682e-09
Select Ank1 2.279678e-09
Select Tmem25 2.179442e-09
Select Phactr4 1.943159e-09
Select Map2k6 1.863148e-09
Select Rnf13 1.811206e-09
Select Nefh 1.625896e-09
Select Vamp1 1.437297e-09
Select Car2 1.141446e-09
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Serpinb1b 0.23992076
Select Axin2 0.06691845
Select Maob 0.04921933
Select Lrp4 0.04653012
Select Serpinb1c 0.03915375
Select Tbc1d1 0.03681647
Select Slc6a5 0.03539626
Select Igfbp3 0.03272737
Select Mtap 0.02667598
Select Cacng4 0.02568518
Select Gpc5 0.02236614
Select Ablim3 0.02210983
Select Acacb 0.02131282
Select Glra1 0.01950313
Select Ust 0.01923902
Select Casr 0.01915483
Select Ctnnbip1 0.01885242
Select Kctd8 0.01863854
Select Nkd1 0.01826445
Select Glra4 0.01785374
Select Stard13 0.01663961
Select Btbd14a 0.0165973
Select Ednrb 0.01596049
Select Ninj1 0.01535714
Select Rgs10 0.01509822
Select Parp8 0.01457879
Select Cutl1 0.01396883
Select Iyd 0.01351507
Select Phospho1 0.01257873
Select Parva 0.01250474
Select Pde3a 0.01244347
Select Scrt1 0.01234156
Select Ccdc37 0.01217536
Select Tnfrsf19l 0.01181459
Select Ankrd50 0.0116955
Select Fbn2 0.01161824
Select Aldh5a1 0.01152489
Select Sned1 0.01152228
Select Adssl1 0.01148412
Select Gpc3 0.01129077
Select En2 0.01113708
Select Tera 0.01077098
Select Phactr4 0.01064963
Select Srm 0.01057742
Select Ankrd38 0.01050677
Select Kbtbd3 0.01027549
Select Cstb 0.01010915
Select Hsdl2 0.01009725
Select Lgi2 0.01006119
Select Rec8L1 0.0100461
Select B2m 0.00958808
Select Ldlr 0.00934684
Select Ddr1 0.0092389
Select Sv2c 0.00914549
Select Htr1a 0.00904292
Select Mast4 0.00873883
Select Mgp 0.00868811
Select Ltb 0.00856666
Select Cgnl1 0.00853777
Select Slc39a14 0.00841837
Select Iqsec3 0.00822467
Select Pcdh21 0.00809097
Select Prph1 0.00801041
Select Ankrd25 0.00780933
Select Hcn2 0.00779252
Select Erbb4 0.00769915
Select Fras1 0.00760334
Select Akap12 0.0075861
Select Fbln1 0.00753246
Select Nptx2 0.00752454
Select Gatm 0.00746851
Select Gm1752 0.00746006
Select Shoc2 0.00744704
Select Neurod1 0.00742838
Select Endod1 0.00730181
Select 4432412L15Rik 0.00721997
Select Hpcal1 0.00721925
Select Fa2h 0.00707533
Select Dvl2 0.00688204
Select Pnkd 0.00674518
Select Ank1 0.00665615
Select Hs6st2 0.006635
Select Plagl1 0.00663392
Select Osbpl9 0.00663174
Select 1110037F02Rik 0.00662532
Select Lgi3 0.00654025
Select Tshz1 0.00651047
Select Vamp1 0.00647992
Select Ublcp1 0.00645593
Select Scd1 0.00637197
Select B230120H23Rik 0.00633788
Select Cxcl12 0.00623148
Select Lamb1-1 0.00617426
Select Tmem25 0.006169
Select Atpbd3 0.00616392
Select Cdc25b 0.00612809
Select Ryr1 0.00608487
Select Itga3 0.00603054
Select Nefh 0.00596454
Select 4930516O21Rik* 0.00592368