Number of genes: 20 change

Positivity: Signed change

Brain Region: Spinal nucleus of the trigeminal_ caudal part change

Lambda multiplier: 0.5000 change

Lambda (actual): 100.4634

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Axin2 0.0002155643
Select Slc6a5 9.539946e-05
Select Ablim3 3.157896e-06
Select Serpinb1c 9.003904e-07
Select Ust 1.4424e-07
Select Btbd14a 1.07184e-07
Select Glra1 9.069646e-08
Select Serpinb1b 8.519752e-08
Select Maob 7.525352e-08
Select Nkd1 6.229617e-08
Select Tbc1d1 4.755438e-08
Select Lrp4 4.151624e-08
Select Glra4 2.432532e-08
Select Ctnnbip1 2.028561e-08
Select Stard13 1.973511e-08
Select Kctd8 1.766602e-08
Select Gpc5 1.643883e-08
Select Cacng4 9.185148e-09
Select Mtap 8.31597e-09
Select Ninj1 6.274048e-09
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Serpinb1b 0.23992076
Select Axin2 0.06691845
Select Maob 0.04921933
Select Lrp4 0.04653012
Select Serpinb1c 0.03915375
Select Tbc1d1 0.03681647
Select Slc6a5 0.03539626
Select Igfbp3 0.03272737
Select Mtap 0.02667598
Select Cacng4 0.02568518
Select Gpc5 0.02236614
Select Ablim3 0.02210983
Select Acacb 0.02131282
Select Glra1 0.01950313
Select Ust 0.01923902
Select Casr 0.01915483
Select Ctnnbip1 0.01885242
Select Kctd8 0.01863854
Select Nkd1 0.01826445
Select Glra4 0.01785374