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Data: Gene Coexpressions
Co-expression Network Viewer

The co-expression network viewer is a data visualization tool which displays gene co-expression data with a force-directed graph. Not only are the clusters of connected genes displayed against a threshold which you can define, but the strength of those connections are visually displayed by the thickness of the line which joins a pair of genes.

Getting Started

In order to use the network co-expression viewer, you must have at least some genes selected. The network viewer can be used for either a selection of mouse genes or for a selection of human genes, but not both at the same time.

Selecting a gene

You can select a node of the co-expression network graph, each representing a single gene from your selection, by clicking the center of the circular node. This will cause your node to become 'active' and you will notice that the connections to your active node is emphasized while other connections are dimmed. You may mouse over any gene (besides the current active one) in order to reveal the cosine similarity score of that gene to your selected, active gene. You may at any time, deselect a node by clicking in the middle of the active node once again.