Gene CoExpressions
Data & Visualizations

This guide is meant primarily to assist you in using the various data visualization tools on this site.

Data: Gene Localization Scores

The data used to show the gene expression level for a given region of the brain is based on the results of calculating the fraction of the (squared) \(L^2\)-norm of the expression energy of gene \(g\) that is comprised in region \(w_{r}\) \[ \lambda_{w_{r}}^{unif}= \frac{\int_{w_{r}}E(v,g)^2dv}{\int_{w}E(v,g)^2dv} \], where \(w\) is the total volume of the region of the brain that is charted*. The uniform reference scores: fraction of the atlas taken up by region \(w_{r}\): \[ \lambda_{w_{r}}^{unif}= \frac{\int_{w_{r}}dv}{\int_{w}dv}= \frac{Vol(w_{r})}{Vol(w)} \]. The average reference: \[\lambda^{average}_{w_{r}}=\frac{\int_{w_{r}}(\sum_{g}E(v,g))^2dv}{\int_{w}(\sum_{g}E(v,g))^2dv}\].